Interlude Coffee & Tea
145 Hudson St.
(bet. Hubert and Beach)

After working at the Joe café chain, where he rose from manning the register to training new baristas, Josh Kim managed Spreadhouse, a café on Suffolk. By then, he was ready for a café of his own, and the result is Interlude Coffee & Tea. The coffee is among the best in Tribeca. Using beans from George Howell Coffee, Interlude aims to appeal both to connoisseurs and casual drinkers. Tea is of equal importance, which is why it gets billing in Interlude’s name. It comes from Tea Dealers, with a couple of options in every category. Last but certainly not least is the pastry program, which Kim’s sister, Melody, is in charge of. The baked goods are classics, often with a twist: oatmeal-pickled-raisin cookies, banana sesame loaf, honey butter scones, malted chocolate chip cookies, blueberry maple muffins, cream cheese Funfetti cookies….