Juice Press
415 Greenwich St.
(at Laight)
American (New)

The chain’s 16th branch was the first with a salad bar. It looks like other salad counters around town; rather than building your own by pointing at items, however, there’s a core menu of seven salads that you can customize. Given the relentless chatter about healthfulness—the menu goes on about enzymes and molecules and poisons and “rawmesan dressing”—you might be surprised that the salads are very good, with a freshness, zestiness, and heftiness that’s rare in this type of place. Seats line the windows, but the interior isn’t really anywhere you’d want to hang out. Quirky touches try to counteract the chain vibe: a patch of real grass by the salad counter, along with a “Keep on the grass” sign; a couple of swings hung (out of reach) against the windows. Besides salads, there’s a huge menu of prepared foods, dried goods, bottled cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and more.

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  1. Love the salads here. Far more tasty than the other chains in the neighborhood. The have unique ingredients — spicy cremini mushrooms, crispy dehydrated onions, falafel balls made of almonds, to name a few. Their salad dressings are flavorful. Their ingredients are fresh. Just found out recently that you can “make your own salad”. I wish you could get salads after 6 PM; I’d go there more often.