Pier A Is Now Open—and It’s Gorgeous

Pier A1The first floor at Pier A Harbor House soft-opened last night, and now it’s open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily. The first floor is casual, with no reservations; it’s as much of a bar as a restaurant, with more TVs than I care for but so what—look at the restoration and the views! Congratulations to the Poulakakos family on a terrific job. The second floor will be fine dining, and it’ll open around the new year. (I didn’t ask when the private event spaces on the third floor would open.)

Pier A2Pier A3Pier A4Pier A5Pier A6Pier A7Pier A8Pier A9Pier A10Pier A11Pier A12Pier A menu1Pier A menu2Pier A13And there were two details on the plaza that I loved. Not sure if the fish flagpoles appear elsewhere in Battery Park (too cold to go explore).

Pier A14Pier A15