Local Lens: Clay Benskin (Part 3)

by Clay Benskin11Last December, I posted two wonderful roundups (part 1 and part 2) of photography by Clay Benskin, whose day job is as a superintendent in Tribeca (“23 years and still going,” he says). The other day I came upon a new photo of his on Twitter, and it reminded me I needed to reach out and see if Clay would be willing to share more of his work from the area. Behold! And do click to enlarge.

by Clay Benskin12 by Clay Benskin10 by Clay Benskin8 by Clay Benskin9 by Clay Benskin6 by Clay Benskin7 by Clay Benskin4 by Clay Benskin3 by Clay Benskin2 by Clay Benskin1by Clay Benskin5



  1. Just fantastic! Best stuff I’ve seen in years.

  2. Just wonderful images! They’re universal yet specific to our neighborhood. Thanks for posting!

  3. Enjoyed these very much, thank you for sharing. It would be great if a local gallery or other space mounted a show of his work. I’d go!

  4. These images are so arresting…..what a fantastic eye you have!
    Clay Benskin is the super of our building and I really do hope he gets recognition for the talent he has worked so tirelessly to develop and refine, with spectacular results.

  5. Congratulations on this posting. And to Clay what an artist, some of these took my breath away , others are transfixing. Thank you .
    I agree with the comments above ….any chance you could facilitate an intro to any galleries …and let us know ?