2009 Buy-Local Gift Guide: Duane

When Liza stops by for a drink with her good friend Halston—he’s visiting from the other side—you’ll want to make the right impression. Happily, Antiqueria Tribeca has the solution: This 1960s Art Moderne cocktail trolley is Plexi and mirror, which, um, might come in handy ($4,200). • 129 Duane (bet. Church and West Broadway), 212-227-7500, antiqueria.com.


New York Nautical is full of treasures, and you don’t have to have a boat  to enjoy them (though it helps). There are all sorts of clocks that I’m tempted to call timelessly stylish, though that sounds like they don’t work. A favorite is the black one from Wempe ($100). The store also has accessories and jewelry, including a cylindrical tote (only $20) and a fantastic anchor pin ($25) and earrings ($36). No one at the yacht club needs to know they’re only gold-plated. • 158 Duane (bet. West Broadway and Hudson), 212-962-4522, newyorknautical.com.


In my opinion, the best way to ensure that family get-togethers go smoothly is to keep everyone busy; boredom breeds discontent and worse. Working Class has the answer in a 3-D Big Ben puzzle ($32), a groovy purple backgammon set ($58), and if all of that sounds like too much mental effort, a set of “crackers” that explode when pulled apart ($28). The pug owner in me would also like to draw your attention to Le Pug, a pug-shaped soap. As cute as it is, however, the recipient must be emotionally prepared to watch it slowly erode with use ($22). • 168 Duane (bet. Hudson and Greenwich), 212-941-1199, workingclassinc.com.


Make a Mad Men fan’s day with this 1960s bi-level letter tray, originally from Sweden, at Mondo Cane ($450). Or are the days of actual in- and out-boxes coming to an end? Watermelon, on the other hand, is forever ($650). • 174 Duane (bet. Hudson and Greenwich), 212-219-9244, mondocane.com.


I pity the sawfish, but still, wow ($1,600). At Duane Modern. • 176 Duane (bet. Hudson and Greenwich), 212-625-8066, duanemodern.com.


I was going to say that I prefer to give adorably frosted cookies—like this snowman ($5) from Duane Park Patisserie—than to receive them, but then I ate this one, and it was delicious. Plus, you get to nibble off the arms first, followed by the feet, and then the head…. • 179 Duane (bet. Hudson and Greenwich), 212-274-8447, madelines.net.


The nice folks at Jonathan Burden said they’d email me information, including the price, about the shell-embellished crocodile head from Papua New Guinea, but they didn’t, which is OK because I suspect that the price is in the if-you-have-to-ask category. The painting, appropriately titled Giddy, is by Gavin Andrew Benjamin ($14,000); his work hangs all around the store. • 180 Duane (bet. Hudson and Greenwich), 212-941-8247, jonathanburden.com.


Lai Montesca, the Tribeca artist whose work is currently at Kiva Cafe, also has pieces for sale at Room.  The vessels called “pebbles” cost $35–$85; the bowl is $125. • 182 Duane (bet. Hudson and Greenwich), 212-226-1045, roomonline.com.


Grown & Sewn designer Rob Magness, formerly of Ralph Lauren, calls his pants “kax”; a cross between khakis and jeans, they’re the type of pants I want to wear all the time ($175–$185). The difference is in the details, notably copper buttons and red stitching. Mangess is also making T-shirts and a kax-fabric tote with inner pockets ideal for carrying wine bottles ($125). His partner in the pop-up shop is Skot Foreman, a gallerist who is showing artist Purvis Young’s work there. You can buy a Young original—framed!—for all of $125. • 184 Duane (bet. Hudson and Greenwich), 917-754-8220, grownandsewn.com, skotforeman.com.


The pint-size kids’ store Pomme has magical mushroom night lights ($80–$110), a set of wooden blocks that come in a little wagon ($54)—or do kids today play with digital blocks?—and, for adults, “Je t’aime Tribeca” totes ($22). • 186 Duane (bet. Hudson and Greenwich), 212-219-1449, pommenyc.com.


I don’t buy a lot of women’s clothes—obviously, or at least I hope it’s obvious—but Nili Lotan makes what seems to me to be effortlessly fashionable fashion, fairly classic shapes in luxurious materials and with elegant touches. The plaid cap-sleeve top is $249; the sequined top is $249; the wool-and-cashmere sweater is $255; and the peacoat is $750. Be careful about pairing the coat with that anchor pin from New York Nautical, though… This leather-and-silver necklace is a better bet ($445). • 188 Duane (bet. Hudson and Greenwich), 212-219-8794, nililotan.com.


Chambers and Reade
Harrison, Worth, and Leonard
• West Broadway
• Lispenard, Walker, White, and Church
• Broadway, Canal, Jay, and Thomas
• Greenwich
• Washington, Vestry, and Beach
• Murray and Warren


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