Newsletter: Jan. 15

Here’s hoping your new year is off to a wonderful start! I was in Quito, Ecuador, where locals light firecrackers all day long on Dec. 31 (frazzling), dress up as women and beg for beer money (amusing, actually, and I bought a mask that I think is supposed to be Liza Minnelli), and burn effigies right on the sidewalk (try that in Times Square and you’ll end up in Bermuda with a quartet of Uighurs). Anyway, quite a bit happened while I was away!

To all of you who responded to my “State of the Site” post, thank you for the encouragement and offers of help. I look forward to working together!

school-zoning-by-asha-agnish-for-tribeca-citizen1IN THE NEWS
••• School-zoning issue still unresolved. (Photo by Asha Agnish.)
••• Is the Verizon Building evil and ugly?
••• Damon Dash’s stab at creating something like Warhol’s Factory (LOL) in his place at 172 Duane.
••• Three years of water-main construction on Chambers Street. At least they waited until after the holidays to tell us.

nili-lotan-sale-by-tribeca-citizen1STEALS AND DEALS
••• This is a good weekend to get out and do some shopping, because a lot of stores are having sales—I found some great buys around Duane Street (and nearly bought several pieces of furniture at Room—sale ends Saturday—even though they weren’t what I need).
••• It’s worth signing up for the Black Board Eats emails. The first discount was 30% off at the Harrison, and yesterday I got a coupon for 30% off at Hill Country—in case I ever leave Tribeca.
••• The list of winter Restaurant Week participants is out.

Opening today: Soul Cycle fitness. Opening Monday: RBC NYC, a café. Open already: Leo’s Bar and Restaurant. Moving: Cosmopolitan Café. Opening this spring: Lucca, a Los Angeles–based antiques store. Opening someday: something new in the Arqua space? In trouble: Mocca?

One of my favorite posts in a long time is this collection of photos taken on Staple Street by Chris Zedano. He makes Tribeca look edgy again—even if he had to import raffish characters from elsewhere. Thanks again, Chris!

••• A lot of movies to catch up on.
••• Health and wellness expert Marisa Vicario, who offered some tips on making New Year’s improvements stick, is leading a tour of Whole Foods on Sunday

Warren 77’s shed: yes or no?

••• A new show at Apexart. Plus: A chance to curate there!
••• Tribeca Cinemas announced a new fortnightly series on (of?) documentaries. Tribeca Film Festival executive director Nancy Schafer gave me the lowdown.


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