Inside Pier A: The First Floor

The Battery Park City Authority invited the local press to check out Pier A, the old building-on-a-pier just west of Battery Park. It was built in 1884–1886, with additions here and there afterward, and the clock in the tower was added in 1919. The BPCA, which has a longterm lease on the pier (the city owns it), is renovating it top to bottom—actually, below bottom, as the underwater parts had to be replaced, too—in the hope that a tenant will want it. While the BPCA only wants to deal with one tenant, it’s open to the idea of a tenant with subtenants—after all, we’re talking about 38,000 square feet of space.

It was a magical visit—right now, Pier A is one of those spaces you wish more people could see, especially in its current state. I’m sure it’ll be beautiful when completed, and the work was necessary, but the romantic in me loved looking at the layers of history. (Speaking of history: The last image is of the pier way back when, from a banner on the construction fence.)

Here are photos of the exterior and the first floor. I’ll post the upper floors in a second post.

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  1. I am so jealous you got to go in here! I love this building.

  2. Thanks for the photos–I’m dying for someone to please please renovate this gorgeous building. Lucky you to get to take a tour! Maybe the BPC could make money to renovate the space by taking in tiny tours ($10? I’d do it)

  3. this building has facinated me for decades……. bravo for exploring and thank you for sharing…..