Newsletter: Apr. 12

best-made-co-varnish-by-tribeca-citizen1MADE IN TRIBECA #2
Tribeca’s industrial heritage isn’t entirely over: Things do still get made here—such as the beautiful axes from Best Made Co. Founder Peter Buchanan-Smith showed me how it’s done.

••• A Worth Street business owner wants to open a bar.
••• Benvenuto, the deli on Greenwich, has opened. (“Deli” feels right, but in a lunch-spot way, not a bodega way.)
••• Church Street School is asking you to dance.
••• John Hiatt is coming to the neighborhood.
••• New Georges theater company extends one production, preps another to open.
••• Free gift alert! Fountain Pen Hospital expo.
••• From the comments: Nail salons vs. wine stores.
••• Franklin Street developments.
••• Can someone explain what happened in the last photo here?

thirty-days-chairs-by-tribeca-citizen1COOLEST BOOKSTORE IN TOWN?
I dropped by Thirty Days NY (left)—the pop-up gallery, bookstore, and performance space sponsored by Absolut—to get a better sense of the endeavor (and take a lot of photos). I bought the most ridiculous book ever…. I planned on giving it to a friend but decided not to; it’s the thought that counts, right?

On the calendar: Jean Renoir’s Rules of the Game, Tribeca Film Festival tickets for Amex cardholders, Pen Parentis serves moonshine, A.M. Homes and Sean Wilsey, “The Great Jazz Singers,” CB1 on construction, “Opera Risqué,” “Highlights in Jazz: The Ben Webster & Lester Young Centennial,” an opening at Cheryl Hazan, Shooting Beauty, Dance New Amsterdam crafts fair, and more….

warren-street-trees-by-tribeca-citizen1GREEN IS GOOD!
I sat down at Kaffe 1668 with Purdy Eaton to learn more about Trees for Tribeca, which makes getting trees on your sidewalk incredibly easy. Seriously, if you’re in a position—financially or because you’re on your building’s board—to do something about it, please give Trees for Tribeca some thought. Neighborhoods don’t turn pretty on their own, and there are plenty of streets that could use some love.

••• Pier A to get a plaza
••• $300 jeans—for men
••• South Street Seaport plans
••• Remembering Albert Capsouto
••• Downtown Hospital helps out St. Vincent’s.
••• Details on all of the above are here.

where-in-tribeca-blue-thing-by-tribeca-citizen11WHERE IN TRIBECA…?
Revealed: This thing artwork’s whereabouts.


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