Newsletter: Apr. 16

109-west-broadway-by-tribeca-citizen1CB1 TRIBECA: THE UNOFFICIAL MINUTES
This month’s CB1 Tribeca committee was a rich source of information—not just on the massive Chambers Street construction due to start soon, but on new restaurants coming to the old Delphi space (right) from an owner of Warren 77 and Smith & Mills; 50 Hudson, the brick building at Thomas and Duane, where Paul Kohn Design currently is—chocolate lovers will be particularly interested in this one; and 75 Worth, where the RBC folks intend to open a reservation-only bar with a 10-course tasting menu. Plus: Do fewer pay phones mean more rich white people?

This weekend in Tribeca: craft fair, burlesque, kite-making, Douglas Sirk, bluegrass, sing-along “Hair,” “The Velveteen Rabbit,” the Tribeca Film Festival single tickets for locals, Roc’s 10th anniversary, and more. Plus: the full calendar through May 9 includes events such as the Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour and the Tribeca Film Festival Family Festival.

bouley-bakery-1-by-tribeca-citizen1BYE-BYE BOULEY BAKERY
Bouley Bakery & Market has closed. “Not everything I planned made sense,” said David Bouley. Several commenters agreed (“If Bouley doesn’t want to do it, then hopefully, some who does want to make marginal profits, can come in and provide good service and quality food without its customers having to deal with poor space planning and leftover interior design from the previous restaurants, not to mention having to duck & cover to miss the baby stroller brigade running kamikaze missions through the front door.” —Jim), while others were bummed out (“This is incredibly sad, and yes, while the place was entirely schizophrenic, a strange hodge podge of things thrown together… I loved it. Where am I going to get last-minute fresh fish to cook for dinner—certainly not Whole Foods!” —Natalie). I think we can all agree with Neeta (who doesn’t want another nail salon there) and Matilde (no Subway or Starbucks, please). But what would we like there?

courtesy-west-8-300x1571IN THE NEWS
••• New York magazine hired statistician Nate Silver to compile a list of the city’s “most livable” neighborhoods, and Tribeca came in 14th. After Murray Hill! After Sunnyside! I had some thoughts about that—but I did like that Tribeca was defined as “Vesey St. to Canal St., Broadway to Hudson River.”
••• The New York Times’s architecture critic likes the plan for Governors Island (left), which the city has taken over from the state. Curbed made a gallery of renderings.
••• Two hotel openings get pushed back.
••• More on the terror trials.
••• Crossing guards on West Street.
••• Big real-estate buy on White Street.
••• Building services strike?
••• Details on the exhibits at the National Sept. 11 Memorial and Museum.
••• Adeline Adeline in the New York Times; TriBeCafe in Time Out New York.
••• A sad, strange death. Then again, they’re all sad, aren’t they?
••• Famous and fashion-world-famous people converge.
••• Tribeca Enterprises puts down roots in Chicago.

terroir-tribeca-glass-by-tribeca-citizen1TERROIR TRIAL
A first impression of Terroir Tribeca (right), the new “elitist for everyone” wine bar/restaurant on Harrison. I’m afraid it may sound nitpicky. While I wouldn’t have done it exactly that way, I’ve never done anything like that at all, so who am I to say? All in all, it’s a  marvelous addition to the neighborhood.

••• Paul Kohn Design, the home-design store, is leaving Tribeca. Silver lining: big sale.
••• Takahachi, the Japanese restaurant on Duane, is opening a bakery to the south.
••• Starting April 26, a pop-up used-kid’s-clothing shop, Rondo, will take over the space at 74 Warren. All proceeds will go to Church Street School for Music and Art. And you can help!
••• “Art of the Audition” workshops at Space on White.

tamarind-2-by-tribeca-citizen1INSIDE TAMARIND
At 11,000 square feet, the brand-new Tamarind Tribeca at Hudson and Franklin is surely the biggest restaurant to open around these parts in a while, at least since Megu. In fact, it’s even bigger than it appears from outside: As if taking over what used to be Socrates diner and the Sporting Club weren’t enough, it also has a mezzanine level hovering above the middle of the mammoth room. It looks like money was spent. But…. The rest of my first impression is here.

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