Where in Tribeca…?

I’ve walked by this sign thousands of times, and I only noticed it two days ago. You, of course, claim to have known about it for years. But I don’t believe you! You must prove it by posting the 411 in the comments on the page you reach by clicking here. The first person to answer correctly gets a fake $20 bill from Balloon Saloon.


UPDATE: Congratulations to Matt, who answered first that this College Place sign is on the West Broadway façade above West Broadway Cleaners, at Warren. To find out more about College Place—and peruse a cool 1852 map—see this post.

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  1. Over West Broadway Cleaners

  2. Warren and West Broadway

  3. College Place is what West Broadway south of Chambers was called back when Columbia was on the street… Cool map here: https://tribecacitizen.wpengine.com/2010/05/09/historical-map/