UPDATE: Upstairs Is Not Closing!

Despite what I was told on the phone this morning—from a representative of Bouley—Upstairs is not closing. According to Nicole Bouley, the ground floor will be a bakery along the lines of what it used to be before it moved across the street, selling a smaller selection of bread, pastries, and baked goods, as well as burgers, fries, and the popular roast chicken. Upstairs (at Upstairs) will be a catering and event space; on Wednesday and Thursday nights guest chefs will take over, cooking for the public. If there’s no guest chef that week, the menu will be similar to what it is now, except no Japanese. A press release to this effect is going out later today.

To the people who posted vitriolic comments, I’ll just say that I’m doing my best, I’ll gladly post correct information when I’m given it, and yes, I do live in the neighborhood.

One more thing: In hindsight, the headline on the previous post was flip and obnoxious, and I regret that. (I like Upstairs!) It was a “hot tip,” though, and I’m not taking that back. Please keep ’em coming, folks.

UPDATE 7/2: Nicole emailed the announcement, along with an explanation that it’s all a bit of a work in progress.

Dear Friends,

We are proud to introduce Bouley Studio, opening July 19 – A place of community, international food experiences and breaking bread. Bouley Studio will feature a selection of artisanal breads and baked goods made on premise. It will serve as a premiere intimate private event space and will be available to you for hosting demonstration classes and calendar meals.

Have no fear, Mr. Mikami and Mr. Yamada are still here! Bouley studio will host “Japanese Thursdays”. Our two Japanese star chefs will light up the stove and prepare a $75 specialty 5-course tasting menu, in anticipation of the under-construction Brushstrokes restaurant, where they will permanently reside (slated to open this fall). Reservations for Japanese Thursdays are required (212-608-5829).

Freshly Baked Bread, Croissants, Coffee and Yes, Roasted Chickens are back! Mornings, Afternoons and Evenings – To GO!

A limited selection of baked goods made on-premise will be available weekday mornings, 7:30am-11am. Come join us for a fresh danish, croissant, pan chocolate and cappuccino! Coffee drinks will be available all day.

Weekdays from 11:30am-3pm, Bouley Studio presents the Bouley Burger and Milkshakes TO GO! Stop by for our original All-Beef, Veggie or Salmon Burger with authentic pomme frites and a cold milkshake to wash it all down. A variety of homemade condiments will be available to customize your lunch.

Host your private reception or dinner at Bouley Studio! Our second floor event space will seat up to 35 people and is complete with an open kitchen and video demonstration capabilities. For any and all occasions – from corporate breakfasts to transaction dinners, and birthdays to rehearsal dinners – come celebrate with us!

Bouley Studio also accepts Chef’s table dinner reservations. Our event planner with work with you to create a customized menu according to your preferences (available for a minimum of 8 guests).

For all questions and inquiries, please call 212-608-5829.

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  1. Erik, never have I laughed so hard while reading comments on your site. I have to say, I love Tribeca Citizen and all of the work you put into it. Your previous headline wasn’t obnoxious, it was pretty clever and funny. Sometimes people need to just relax and have more of a sense of humor about things. And in regards to questioning whether or not you live in Tribeca… absolutely hilarious – you are practically the mayor of Tribeca (if there ever was such a thing).

    Now in regards to Bouley and there representatives comment… I, like many others who live in Tribeca, have LOVED Bouley upstairs and all of the other fine Bouley establishments. That being said, I have been getting slightly frustrated with the whole Bouley situation. How many times are they going to keep moving, changing, re-naming their “restaurants/markets/cooking-schools/guest chef places/wine bar” or whatever you want to cal them… the concept schizophrenia is really starting to get out of control. And, can they at least make the inside of the old Bouley market look a little cleaner and neater so it doesn’t have to look like an abandoned restaurant supply store every time I walk by it. The Bouley conglomerate is such an obvious fixture on four blocks in Tribeca, I just wish they would make up their mind and stick to it.

    Keep up the great work Erik!

  2. To the reader above- this is important, one should not ‘relax’ when there is damaging mis-information posted on a site, in a newspaper or blog. Writing that any establishment is ‘closing’ or losing business is neither clever, nor funny. It’s damaging to the company’s sales and to the community as a whole ~especially when it is not closing – but re-inventing it-self. Natalie, it’s called growth and evolution. I have been following Eric’s work and I believe he is a fair reporter and loves the community. Let the reporter write the truth and let the artist evolve without nagging.

  3. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Bouley’s track record of change hasn’t been very good over the years.
    I am most nervous that I may now have to learn how to cook for myself now if this doesn’t work

  4. Sounds like a closing despite what the corporate spin might be….I will miss it though…

  5. I ran into Chef Bouley on the corner who said there will be three different types of burgers to go – and an expanding menu to come- with (with french fries!) A fish and veg burger to come! And the roasted chicken- -we’re in good shape! On the second level, he explained that to start with their will be one night of Japanese food, and the second (and POSSIBLY) third nights are to evolve!! I’m patient (and going out of town any way for the holidays)! Yes, I’m a fan of fresh products prepared with intension!

  6. Even Flo Fab from the NYT Diner’s Journal reported on “One Less Bouley Restaurant.” (See below). Good hot tip Erik. I am looking forward to this reboot by Chef Bouley though and hope the space upstairs reinvents, grows and evolves itself back into the place where I’ve had many great meals and even better times.

    From July 1, 2010 New York Times Diner’s Journal:
    “David Bouley is closing his restaurant Upstairs, at 130 West Broadway, on Saturday. On July 19 it will become Bouley Studio, a catering operation that will also offer cooking classes. On Wednesday and Thursday nights he will have special dinners for the public in the second-floor space prepared by visiting chefs. There will be 28 seats and no reservations. On the street level, there will be a store selling breads, pastries and some prepared foods like sandwiches, burgers and roast chicken. There will be some seats outside.”

  7. I am pleased that Nicole Bouley cleared up the confusion …

    “Bouley Studio” – what does the word studio convey in relation to food?
    … limited selection … 7.30am-11am … then from 11.30am-3pm Bouley Studio presents the Bouley Burger TO GO .””..

    what if I do not want the BBurger TO GO at 3pm?

    Sorry, but I am more confused than before …too hard to remember when or not when to go and where and not where to go …. the place is as good as closed for me !!

    And as for the criticism of Tribeca Citizen – it is THE NEIGHBORHOOD!
    At least Erik is doing something for the neighborhood it not like the rest of us (me included) who are not.

  8. As long as the cannelles and oatmeal cookies are coming back, I care neither of what it is called or of how it’s return was reported! Thanks for the good news!

  9. I am THRILLED the bakery is coming back and I wish they would serve the fab baked goods ALL DAY along with the expanded lunch shakes and burgers. Will try to make it to Japanese Thursday asap! Now I’m hungry.
    That noted: CAN”T WAIT ! ! ! :) ! !

  10. Thank goodness for this article.

    My fiancée called me and told me that Upstairs had been closed and I nearly had a heart attack. Mikami and Yamada made some of the best sushi I’ve ever had (Japan included).

    I knew Bouley had promised them a place but it had been years and nothing to show for it. So I’m happy for them that they are finally getting their own place. But I’ll miss the cozy setting of having 2 masters serving 6 people at the counter, but I look forward to all the new things they can do with their new shop.