Upstairs Is Going Down

David Bouley’s very bad year continues: Upstairs’s last day will be Saturday. (I got a hot tip that the folks at Bouley confirmed.) What a shame! The place was a little bizarre—the sprawling menu (chips and guacamole?), the crazy decor (those scrunchy light fixtures!), the Japanese bar in the alcove—but I developed a real fondness for it. The restaurant drew the most interesting crowd in the neighborhood, and the food was reliably excellent. (Although it turned out to be about as seasonal as McDonald’s.) I’ll never forget the winter night that my partner and I sat upstairs in the southeastern corner while a blizzard raged outside; it was one of those perfect New York moments. Here’s hoping Bouley proper isn’t next. UPDATE: Upstairs isn’t closing, though it is changing. Read all about it.

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  1. I never had a bad meal upstairs–ever. too bad for us

  2. I’m really going to miss this one! I just wonder why…it always seemed crowded???

  3. This is sad. The menu was a little confused, but the food was always great. Where else in NYC could you get such a good veal chop for that price?

  4. What a shame … it was a great place with very good food.

    Change is good … but not too much and not so fast !


  6. TriBeCa Citizen – just another rag blog that doesn’t do any real research. And is so negative…” a hot tip” – please give me a break. Bouley hasn’t even made the adjustments yet and you jump to the gun on being critical. This is not news. How are we supposed to trust your future posts? I certainly won’t.

  7. Yes, this post is a misrepresentation of what the Bouley establishment is doing. We, the staff were given permission to talk about the changes – but the the reporter clearly did not convey what the changes are. In a nut shell, lower level open to the public for take out only. (Starting after the holidays). Upper level open twice a week, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s for a great chef’s menu (at the same Upstairs prices). I am surprised at how negativity is easily printed and that facts are so miss represented on the net. TriBeCa Citizen… do you live in this neighborhood?

  8. Yeah, Erik!! How could you?!! I thought you were perfect!! All hope is lost. Bouley is closed, now it is open again…but different. Erik, you should be tarred and feathered in the middle of Duane Park!!! (just make sure you get good photos.) None of Bouley’s restaurants have ever closed, or moved, or changed, or promised to be open or closed…how could you, for even a moment, believe it was closing with that type of history? Erik, Erik, Erik. (note: I hope Bouley adds more planters to reflect this new direction)

  9. I double dog love Tribeca Citizen. Thanks Erik for staying on top of the neighborhood’s happenings — I know you don’t have to, but I’m sure glad you do.

  10. Are people seriously so angry over this?Eric, maybe you can get a shirt made that says in English ” I am not perfect. Now stop F*@*ing bothering me (or posting on my site)”
    The good news is they are not closing! We all win.

  11. Jim Smithers, you are awesome!!! You too, Erik!

  12. Tribeca Citizen is an amazing blog and resource for the neighborhood. It is full of relevant and interesting information and covers so many topics, it’s a wonder Erik does it on his own. No need to attack the blog or Erik personally for a simple miscommunication.

    @Jim Smithers – I used to be somewhat scared of you based on your comments on this site, but lately I really look forward to your dry sarcasm. This last post made me laugh out loud.

  13. I think in a way Erik is right–it is “closing”….if Upstairs is not going to be open 7 days a week with it’s usual service/menu, then to me it is closing….Bouley can call it a “change” but I don’t need a place to get a take away burger. If I want to eat in my apartment, I will get delivery. I liked having a spot that I always had a good meal in and enjoyed sitting upstairs watching the chefs cook (though it hasn’t been the same for me since the chef with the ponytail left). The whole point was to be able to GO to Upstairs and eat (and not just on a Wed or Thurs).

    I appreciate Tribeca Citizen and have fun reading all the updates of our hood…..having info about my surroundings makes me feel apart of the community and makes walking around a bit more interesting (I’m aware of things I otherwise would not be)….So, thank you Erik.

  14. I love the image. And look forward to the transition. If you can sill get a ‘Bouley Burger, the joint ain’t closed!

  15. That’s sad. People did you also know that the Indian restaurant TAMARIND on 22nd street is also closing down. The owner wishes to divert the traffic from the flatiron district to tribeca for more traffic there.