Here Comes Birdbath

Tribeca’s bakery explosion continues: Besides Duane Park Patisserie, Tribeca Treats, Grandaisy, and Billy’s, as well as the new Takahachi Bakery, the resuscitated Bouley Studio bakery, and the upcoming Josephine—and I’m probably forgetting something else—we’re getting a Birdbath at 200 Church (at the corner of Thomas). Birdbath is the “green bakery” line from the City Bakery folks, with “walls made of wheat” and “cups made of corn.” As you can see from the photo below, I’m a fan of Birdbath’s coconut cookie…. I’ve emailed asking when it’ll open and whether it’ll be different from the other locations—in the West Village, East Village, and in Soho in the old Vesuvio Bakery space—and I’ll update this when I hear back. Assuming it’s not, you can expect a menu heavy on cookies, muffins, maybe a pizza or two, and dog treats, with fairly basic coffee options.

UPDATE: City Bakery’s baker/designer/owner Maury Rubin emailed: “We started construction last week, and hope to make it a fast build-out. Ideally we will be ready to go by the second week of September. The basis of the place will be like Birdbath Soho, but we’re going to try some new ideas out also.We’ll have more food that’s packaged and ready to go from a display case, with a special emphasis on dinners to go for families in the neighborhood. We’ll also have the Birdbath version of it’s big sister City Bakery hot chocolate (this will be a first for a Birdbath). It’s a modest size space (500 sq. ft.) so there’s not room for tables and chairs but we’ll have some nice benches to sit at and eat and drink for about 10 people at a time. We’ll be open seven days for breakfast, lunch and into the early evening (we’ll play closing time by ear, but the later we can stay open, the better). And the bakery will be built from around 99% sustainable building materials (as is the Birdbath way).



  1. I hope they follow through this time . . . they were supposed to open in River House a few years ago.

  2. Any news/updates on Sarabeth’s?

  3. Last time I asked the Sarabeth’s opening was “looking like December” so I probably won’t ask again for a few more months

  4. YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE!!! It’s about time Tribeca got Maury Rubin’s attention. Birdbath, especially this expanded food version, is just what we need. Of course it would be even better if City Bakery took over Bazzini’s, since Sarabeth has taken 6 months to do absolutely nothing.

  5. From what they told me, the failure to open at Riverhouse had little to do with them. The Riverhouse project was horribly delayed and many changes were made throughout the construction process. I sensed a lot of frustration.

  6. But will there be pretzel croissants??