Bouley’s Tribeca: A Recap

I received an email the other day from a Tribeca resident named David: “If you are possibly looking for new a new subject matter, may I suggest one?” he wrote. “What the heck is going on at the corner of W. Broadway and Duane as it relates to David Bouley? Seems as though every other month there’s a new Bouley-themed restaurant. With the opening of Bouley Studio, I’m even more confused. Just recently, I dined at Bouley Upstairs, but sat downstairs at what now is apparently Bouley Studio? Across the street was Bouley Market until a few months back, but then I see signs it’s Bouley ‘test kitchen’? Then, down the street at the corner of Duane and Hudson, the original (or should I say new?) Bouley has found its stride. See what I mean? I’m confused as I’m sure others are.”

Fair enough! Here’s a map of Bouley‘s Tribeca.

163 Duane (at Hudson)
The famous Bouley flagship restaurant is a fine-dining establishment—jackets are “preferred but not required.” (The lunch prix-fixe is a terrific deal.) The kitchen is visible next door on Duane.

130 W. Broadway (at Duane)
The two-story building on the northwest corner of West Broadway and Duane was recently Upstairs (with Bouley Bakery at one point on the ground floor). Now it’s Bouley Studio. Monday through Saturday, baked goods will be available from 7:30 a.m., while burgers (loosely defined to include some other sandwiches), fries, and roast chicken are sold from noon; in summer, burgers et al will be available until 5:30 p.m. (the hours might be extended). You can sit outside or upstairs. On “Calendar Nights”—Thursdays and Fridays—the upstairs becomes a restaurant (in summer, serving Japanese food, and after that featuring rotating chefs); you can reserve by calling 212-608-5829. Other nights it will be a private event space, also hosting demonstration classes; moreover, catering will be done from this space.

88 W. Broadway (between Chambers and Warren)
Open by appointment only, the test kitchen is where the Bouley team develops new recipes. There are also demonstration classes from visiting guest chefs and the Bouley team, and it also serves as a catering event space.

30 Hudson (between Duane and Reade)
The space used to be home to two other Bouley restaurants—Secession, and before that, Danube—is being transformed into Brushstroke, a Japanese restaurant; it’s now due to open January, 2011. David Bouley’s role will be part owner/consultant; the head chefs will be Chef Mikami from Osaka and Chef Yamada from Kyoto. The Tsuji Cooking School will send students and professors to work in the restaurant.

Bouley no longer leases the former Bouley Bakery & Market space at 120 W. Broadway (the single-story white building between Duane and Reade). The word on the street is that it’ll most likely be retail of some kind.

Bouley originally planned to put Brushstroke at 109 W. Broadway (formerly the Greek restaurant Delphi, between Duane and Reade), but the plans changed. Now Matt Abramcyck (Warren 77, Smith & Mills) is opening a South American restaurant here, totally unaffiliated with Bouley.



  1. good job untangling all that! There is also talk of a factory (Uisine in French) that will be called Cuisine, and I believe is being constructed now at Van Dam and Varick.

  2. @Diane: My understanding is that that project isn’t happening (at least with Bouley’s involvement)

  3. thanks for the clarification ! !