A Night with the Chocolate Sausage

I had so much fun writing about the “chocolate sausage” offered for dessert during Blaue Gans‘s Sausage Week that I felt I needed to go try it: Anything once, right? I thought I’d stop by for lunch, but I called first to make sure they had it (“Will the chocolate sausage be available today?”) only to find out that no, the restaurant doesn’t serve it at lunch, or at least it didn’t that day because the pastry chef was at the farmer’s market. So, last night, I insisted that my partner and I go there after dinner elsewhere. Every time I say the phrase “chocolate sausage” I snigger like Beavis and/or Butthead, but I didn’t really want dessert unless it was the chocolate sausage, so I had to ask the host if the chocolate sausage was at hand. As he said yes, it was, a hostess came up and said, “All week long!” with vigor; she seemed to be a fan. We sat at the bar and ordered: one chocolate sausage, please. While we waited, I asked the bartender if it’s a popular item, and she said it was, particularly with regulars looking to spice up their routines. Then Prince’s “Erotic City” came on the sound system, and voilà—the chocolate sausage was before us! As you can see, it looked a little, um, wounded. But it was delicious, lighter and cakier than you might expect, and the accompanying strawberries were lovely. The only thing to spoil the moment was when we learned from the bartender that it’s a fairly common dessert in Germany. I had hoped I was special.



  1. Hmmm …. maybe I will have to try myself !

  2. So what exactly is it?? Cake?

  3. Yeah, I’d go with cake. Not fudgy like I would’ve thought, but not exactly devil’s food, either. Sort of in between?