Where in Tribeca…?

Go on, say in the comments where this is. We all know you know. (And consequently, there will be no prize this week.)

That’s two in a row that no one guessed. Are you all on vacation? Or maybe you never take the subway? (This is the A/C/E station at Chambers.)

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  1. E and A train subway hallway under Church Street.

  2. and I now just saw that you posted the answer. Too bad I didn’t answer last week because I got it right!

  3. Your enthusiasm is appreciated, though!

  4. But don’t get too enthusiastic, Helene!! For if you correctly guess too many times in a row, Erik “politely” asks you not to participate in his reindeer games. He is an evil, evil man. James Franco must have reached into Erik’s chest and removed his heart for his “art” exhibition.