Suggestion Box: Equinox (Update)

In early August, I solicited suggestions on ways to improve Equinox Tribeca. There were many interesting responses, and the one thing people agreed on was that the TV audio is a disaster—and that it might be time to invest in machines with individual TVs.

At some point, someone from Equinox corporate posted this comment: “Thank you for the feedback. The club General Manager has communicated the treadmill caddie issue [my complaint was that they tend not to get cleaned] to the Maintenance Manger and this will be a high priority on our walk thrus and daily tasks. As far as the cardio theater is concerned, we are continually resetting them every morning. The Tribeca location will be renovated in the coming months and we are looking for a better solution to fix the cardio theater. We also have a new online system for members to give feedback:”

Naturally, I was excited to learn about the renovation: What would it entail? Alas, no one either knows or wants to tell. Let’s hope they take our suggestions to heart; after all, the customer is always right. Right?


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  1. A personal trainer told me they are converting the back part of the gym (over by the yoga rooms/behind the free weights) to a Tier 4 exclusive area.