Seen & Heard: Exclusive Equinox?

••• An interesting comment from Betty on that recent Equinox post: “A personal trainer told me they are converting the back part of the gym (over by the yoga rooms/behind the free weights) to a Tier 4 exclusive area.” Here’s some info on Equinox’s premier-level E program, which might be related…?

Park Place

••• I guess I hadn’t walked down Park Place in a while, because I hadn’t realized that the NYPD has closed the Park51 block to vehicular traffic. From this local’s point of view, Park Place could really use the economic benefits of Park51—and instead it’s being strangled?

••• The Dash Gallery has announced a call for entries ($20 each) for a show devoted to the late singer Aaliyah.

••• Today’s LivingSocial deal: $60 for five hours of cleaning by Tribeca’s Finest Cleaning Services. Note to self: Change name of site to Tribeca’s Awesomest Website.

••• South African singer Johnny Clegg is playing City Winery on Apr. 3.



  1. They haven’t just blocked off that block, they have also blocked off the block between Greenwich and W Broadway. I couldn’t tell whether it was to do with Cordoba House, or traffic management to deal with the overflow from Chambers. Do you have any info on why they blocked that extra block as well? It does make it very hard to go east around that area now – at least if you’re in a car.

  2. But you already are Tribeca’a Awesomest Website!