A Workout with Punch

About the author: Tribeca-based nutrition counselor Rebecca Sadek (eatrightnyc.com), who received training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, believes that being healthy is not about restraint or isolation, and she helps clients find a balance that works for them and their lifestyle.

Did someone say “burn 1,000 calories in an hour”? B East, a new TRX studio on the same floor of 291 Broadway as Downtown Dance Factory (they share locker rooms and restrooms), is currently offering a TRX with Punching Bags class that’s advertised as doing just that. Who wouldn’t want to give this place a try? TRX is among the hottest of exercise trends, popping up on group-class schedules at big-named gyms around the city, as well as at Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates, where I tried it back in April.

B East photos by Phoebe Vickers (phoebevickers.smugmug.com)

The TRX with Punching Bags class consists of circuit training with three stations that participants rotate around. First up for me: a TRX station where you do bicep curls, chest flies, and squats among other exercises with the TRX resistance bands. I really enjoyed using the TRX resistance bands, because you get an insane workout targeting specific muscles, while still engaging your entire body. The second station is boxing, where you rotate between a punching bag and sparing with an instructor. The third and hardest station is a cardio station, with all of my least favorite activities, including mountain climbers, jump-squats, and jumping rope. (One of the instructors wondered if they’re my least favorite activities because they yield results. Valid point!) We ended the class doing core work as a group with the TRX bands.

While the class is hard, it’s also a lot of fun. There were instructors at each station cheering us on and showing us how to do things, which was necessary at the TRX station, as most of us were beginners. (Classes usually only have two instructors.) The instructors were energetic, passionate, and very knowledgeable. The class was intimate—only six of us this time, though it can handle nine—and it reminded me of a personal training session with a lot more energy; you get the support of the class as well as the instructors. And at $45, the class is a huge bargain when compared to one personal training session with a trainer and membership at a top-of-the-line gym.

Tribeca resident Danielle Friedman, a connoisseur of hip workout facilities, was also in the class. She felt that it was “right up there with SoulCycle and Physique 57, bringing a similar intensity, inspiration, and spirit,” and she plans on adding it to her weekly workout rotation. While it’s not the kind of class that you should take if you like to get lost in a crowd, if you want to change your body in a fun environment with lots of hands-on attention, then I agree with Danielle, this is a great addition to the weekly rotation.

B East is offering 50% off the first class when you buy a class online; use the code eastfittrx.

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  1. Sounds like a fun class.I would also like to invite anyone who likes to take classes but don’t like to commit to try some classes that are offered at Tribeca Health & Fitness. We are starting a Boxing BootCamp class for $21 to $27.50 on November 29th Monday & Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm.This class is sure to give you an amazing workout for about half the price and you also get to use the rest of the gym,14,000sq.ft.+, either before or after your class.We also have Zumba Fitness Saturday morning at 10am for $10(pkg of 10) or $15 (drop-in).Check out our schedule at http://www.tribecagym.com………...
    Tribeca rocks!!!

  2. I love the article and totally need to try TRX! I’ve been to Tribeca Gym and trust me, those deals may sound good, but you get what you pay for. Nothing.

  3. I’d like to make a remark directed towards Michael. My name is Beaux, I’m a native Tribecan born and raised, and an avid reader of the Tribeca citizen. I’m not sure where you are from, but around here, people that self-advertise in the way that you just did don’t get more business…in fact, they get ridiculed and red-flagged for having poor social skills and very poor business etiquette. Let’s keep these blogs free of this behavior please Michael. It’s pretty embarassing (for you). Rebecca- as for your article, I do agree with Michael, in that it does sound like fun, and from the pictures looks like it was as well!

  4. These TRX\Boxing classes are amazing, challenging and fun. Ed Cashin is an amazing trainer and personality. These classes are a must for all!

  5. l take the classes out east, and have already noticed a difference, not just with my body, but overall strength. Jim Kennedy and Ed Cashin are a great team. l would recommend these classes for anyone looking for a serious, yet fun, workout.

  6. in response to beaux i would like to apologize for the self promotion if you feel that my intent was anything other then trying to get people in tribeca to come and see that i do try to give a heartfelt product that people can benefit from. it has been a struggle to survive during the past 2 years due to the economy. we are still here though and always trying.forgive me for riding the class promotion wave and i often wonder why all the best independent trainers come to my club and train clients .don’t fault me please for trying to extend a helping hand to citizens of tribeca. i do have a nice place at an affordable price for just about everyone.i just don’t have the advertising budget of the big corporate gyms.that doesn’t make me a bad guy…………..Mike

  7. so michael apologizes for self promotion by self promoting again? brilliant!!! can’t wait to read the next apology. i hope he apologizes for the delicious juice bar and invigorating steam showers.

  8. Leave the poor guy alone.

    His post was not the best thought out perhaps, but he did not try to say terrible things about a competing business. It has been a bad couple of years for many people and I know that Michael has worked hard to upgrade the facility he took over a few years back. He has partnered with other groups and schools and very much attempted to become a member of a community.

    Let’s thank him for that, and forgive his awkward comment.

  9. michael knew what he was doing. a straight apology would have done it, not twisting an excuse out of a bad economy and then continue to promote his business. erik offers reasonable advertising prices, so don’t exploit all of HIS hard work and commitment to the community. michael’s not a bad guy, but TC readers aren’t stupid.

  10. My wife and I have lived in TriBeCa for the past 3 years and have enjoyed the insights and reviews posted by Ms. Sadek since she started contributing to the Tribeca Citizen. Its fairly obvious what is going on here: Michael is upset that his gym is not getting the attention that some of the other community workout programs are, and is trying to hijack this article for self-promotion. The focus of these comments on Michael satisfies his objective.

    Lets try to keep things in perspective. This article was written to educate the TriBeCa community about a new and exciting TRX workout program offered by B East. Lets please try to keep the comments to that topic.

    On the topic of B East, my wife is very exited to try this class. Thanks for the recommendation Ms. Sadek.