First Impressions: Tenoverten

By Alyson Archer | At Tenoverten, a new high-end nail salon at the corner of Reade and W. Broadway (on the second floor of where Delphi used to be), tranquility and sophistication transform the pedestrian manicure into an hour-long pleasure.

My first appointment was canceled several weeks ago when the salon’s opening was delayed. Along with profuse apologies, I was offered a free treatment. The professionalism that impressed me then was reinforced today. The warm and airy space is blanketed by soft gray walls and upholstered beige chairs. Twelve manicure seats are in a row behind the 11 pedicure chairs, all of which face the huge arched windows overlooking W. Broadway. From this second-floor vantage awash with natural light, I played with the provided iPad, gazed at the people outside, and enjoyed the hot stones massaging my hands—all without feeling gawked at from passersby on the sidewalk.

My $40 Tenoverten Luxe Manicure—which looks perfect and left my hands feeling soft—was worth every penny (even though I only paid for the tip today). The staff is carefully selected by owners Nadine Ferber and Adair Ilyinsky, two chic locals who are no strangers to high fashion. They were both on site yesterday, and they introduced themselves and made sure I had everything I needed (only later did I tell them that I contribute to Tribeca Citizen). The salon is an excellent spot for a pampering party: a place to get away without leaving our little triangle. Indeed, Nadine and Adair were on the phone planning a manicure soirée with all the trimmings—i.e. cocktails—as I read the recent coverage about Tenoverten in Vogue on my iPad.

The space is not entirely finished yet, due to the restaurant, Super Linda, still under construction downstairs. Workers occasionally scramble about and certain finishing touches are still being decided. (For instance, the owners have yet to find the right mugs in which to serve the green tea.) More retail selections will be added to the already impressive array of nail polish. The workmen didn’t add to the aura of relaxation, but they’ll soon be gone—and what will be left will be more than just a flight above the rest.

Has anyone else tried Tenoverten? Share your experience in the comments!

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  1. I haven’t been, but I think I’ll go just for the view!

  2. It looks beautiful and the iPad is a great touch…but a $40 manicure? Yikes. Even the exorbitantly priced Sweet Lily is cheaper. Looks like I’m priced out of yet another Tribeca establishment.
    I recommend an eight dollar manicure at SoHo Nails and a free sampling of Apple products at the Apple store on Prince Street. haha

  3. this place is a must – i went in yesterday for a manicure and they Yoon did such a great job on my nails that when I woke up today I was regretting not having gotten a pedicure as well – I went back this afternoon and she did a wonderful job on my toes – they also have such a beautiful array of colors – I used Chanel’s Steel which you can’t find anywhere else unless you bring it along from home. I have already booked an appt for Wednesday with Jimena for my eyebrow consultation and can’t wait to go back – I’m hooked!! (btw in response to Julie, you can get a $20 or a $40 manicure depending on what level of pampering you are looking for – i spent $20 on the manicure and $35 on the pedicure and found it worth every penny – the relaxation and ambiance are priceless and i prefer to come out feeling rested and not agitated and full of cheap nonsensical stories overheard from every direction which is often irritatingly gleaned in the cheaper nail salons.)