Newsletter: Jan. 3

A heck of a lot opened last year—but, alas, quite a bit closed, too. And one restaurant managed to do both. Let’s review.

Here are three of the highlights from the calendar for this week (Monday–Thursday). More info on these—and the full calendar—is here.
1. White Zombie bassist Sean Yseult drops by Barnes & Noble Tribeca to read from her new book, I’m in the Band.
2. The fifth-annual “50 First Jokes” is at 92YTribeca on Wednesday: “Fifty of the world’s funniest comedians gather for one night to debut the very first new joke they’ve written for 2011 in an atmosphere of friendly competition.”
3. Bucky Pizzarelli and Howard Alden are one of three duos on the “Return of Highlights in Jazz: Dynamic Duos” program at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center.

It’s time for people to start pushing their weight. Note that I said pushing, not pulling. I’m talking about revolving doors.

BEST OF 2010
Some of my favorite posts over the past 12 months, chosen simply because as I made my way through post after post after post, they were the ones that made me smile. (Also, they were the ones that were still worth reading months later.)
••• Part 1 (Jan.–Apr.): Working It on Staple Street, Damon Dash’s “Non-Wack” World, Inside Happy Science, and more.
••• Part 2 (May–Aug.): The Sketchbooks of Mariano Recalde, The Chugger Infestation, Beekman Street Palace, and more.
••• Part 3 (Sept.–Dec.): A Thank You Note, How Do You Feel About Tourists?, Funnest Townhouse Ever!, Bubby’s at 20, and more.

••• 1/2 roundup: Half-naked firefighters. Plus: Schools, schools, and schools; Bethenny Frankel; artist Alexis Rockman; Let There Be Neon; the WTC and its third-quarter construction goals..

••• 12/31 roundup: New Year’s Eve Favors. Plus: Resolution-size cookies; coin-counting fee; deal on Manhattan Children’s Theatre.
••• 1/2 roundup: New gym. Plus: Deals on Jazzercise, Bootcamp Republic, and Music for Aardvarks; party at Brick.
••• Foto Friday: Photos taken on Vesey, Hudson, Park Place, Broadway, and in City Hall Park.
••• Congratulations to Terry Lautin for correctly identifying last week’s Where in Tribeca…? (They tend to get posted Friday mornings, by the way, after Thursday’s newsletter has gone out. So if you want to play, keep your eye on, or become a fan on Facebook or follow on Twitter.)


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