Seen & Heard: Project No. 8 Pop-Up

••• Remember how the folks at Project No. 8 said they might do something special with the last month of their pop-up space on Duane? Well, it’s going to be a shop devoted to designer Tom Scott (whose slippers are pictured at right). “We are huge fans of Tom Scott, and have been for some time,” says Project No. 8’s Brian Janusiak. “We think he is doing some of the most thoughtful, beautiful, and even at times humorous work in the world of clothing. We have found that he has a serious cult-like following internationally, but we still feel strongly that more people would be excited to know and enjoy the things he is doing. It seems to us that 10013 will either appreciate one of their favorite designers being right there in the neighborhood for a while, or else, they will be very happy to learn about Tom Scott and see what he is doing!” It opens Thursday.

••• New York Academy of Art is giving away this painting (James de Pasquale, Lion, 1983, Acrylic on canvas, 72 x 136 inches) to a charitable organization, school, or children’s hospital. To suggest a winner, go to NYAA’s Facebook page and click on “Win 2 Tickets…” on the left (oh, yeah, you might win two tickets to the school’s Tribeca Ball).

••• Tribeca Beauty Spa is running a bunch of specials for “Wellness Week” (Mar. 21–27). And on Mar. 22, holistic nutrition counselor (and Tribeca Citizen contributor) Rebecca Sadek will give a talk on “how to achieve healthy glowing skin through nutrition with specific tips and ingredients that will teach you how certain foods can prevent the aging process.”

••• While visiting the aerie-like office of dermatologist Nathalie Q. Nguyen—she moved to the 18th floor of 291 Broadway not too long ago—I snapped a photo of the middle section of under-construction 57 Reade (a.k.a. 279 Broadway). The grid pattern hinted at in the rendering (see below—I’m talking about the part directly above the fabulous old building) is actually quite prominent. Only time will tell if that’s a good thing or not.


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