Mystery Solved: Kutsher’s Deli

Well, well, well! The updated CB1 agendas for this week mention that Kutsher’s Deli—one of our recent mysteries—is slated for the massive 186 Franklin, formerly the site of Mai House (and before that, TriBakery) and currently the Tribeca Grill event space. Alas, it was also stricken, with a note saying that it has been postponed till May.

Also postponed till May: the bar/restaurant license for 116 Duane.

But look what popped up: a liquor-license restaurant for an unnamed pizza restaurant at 61 Reade, formerly Heng Shing restaurant (so it’s one of the storefronts in the low-slung building near Broadway).

And this! Il Matto wants to change its liquor license so that it may “relocate the bar, change the interior seating, and change the method of operations to have later hours and a DJ Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and midnight.” Anyone know how to say “trouble” in Italian?

I just noticed something else: The Landmarks Committee agenda now has an application for a new building at 83 Walker, just east of Cortlandt Alley. This is it now, per Google:


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