Progress Report: The Mysteries

Besides the establishments in Progress Report: Northern Tribeca and Progress Report: Southern Tribeca, there are storefronts that I have my eye on because something appears to be going on, but I don’t know what. (Obviously there are also plenty of empty storefronts—talking about you, old Bouley Market!—with zero evidence of activity.)

Moreover, you may recall reports that:
• The Inoteca folks are opening a French restaurant in Tribeca. (From October: “I can’t tell you exactly where, because we won’t have the lease in hand until next week. It’ll be our first step out of Italian, small plates but a move towards French and a more Mediterranean feel. We want to find a young chef who’s impressionable and make it simple and direct. It’s a great little location, under 65 seats, in a fun part of Tribeca. One of our partners lives in the area.” Nothing since, so who knows….)
Jeffrey Chodorow is partnering with Kutsher Deli to open a restaurant here. Hmm…. Last time we heard Chodorow’s name re: these parts, it was when Cosmopolitan Hotel co-owner Gerald Barad said he was talking to Chodorow (among others) about opening a restaurant in the ground-floor space of where the hotel’s addition will be (once the MaryAnn’s building comes down). That would be a great spot for a deli. UPDATE 4/8: I guessed wrong! It’s coming to 186 Franklin, currently the Tribeca Grill event space and formerly Mai House (and TriBakery).
Naked Pizza is about to sign a lease in the area.

Are any of those headed to the spaces below? We’ll have to see. In the meantime, I’ll keep strolling and peeping, but if you know anything, for Pete’s my sake, email me at

50 Lispenard (bet. Church and Broadway). Actually, I just found a new city document online that says the first and second floors will be converted to "loft dwellings."

60-62 Lispenard (bet. Church and Broadway). It's possible there's nothing going on here—no permits in the window—but if this were your home or office, wouldn't you do something to the windows besides paper them over?

88 Franklin (bet. Church and Broadway). The "for lease" sign could just be left there from before it was rented.

321A Greenwich (bet. Duane and Reade). This was home to the short-lived Jan Larsen art gallery. It looks like it could be becoming an extension to Tribeca Associates (real-estate developers) next door.

480 Canal (at Hudson). Actually, I've heard a delicious rumor about this space, but I haven't been able to confirm it.

66 Reade (bet. Church and Broadway). I don't have any idea, but this has been cooking for a while now.


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