What’s Going on at Il Matto?

Il Matto, the still-newish restaurant at Church and White, which seems to have had trouble developing a following despite a two-star review from the New York Times, is “trying to become a nightclub,” in the words of a concerned White Street resident who just emailed me.

Let’s back up: A late addition to the agenda for the April meeting of the CB1 Tribeca Committee included a mention that Il Matto wants to “relocate the bar, change the interior seating, and change the method of operations to have later hours and a DJ Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and midnight.” The DJ raised my eyebrows—CB1 doesn’t like DJs—and then, this morning, I saw the above flyer posted. They’re moving the bar to the back? This does seem like a substantial change.

All of which is still neither her nor there, but the windows have been papered over. Are they starting work even without approval? I emailed chef/owner Matteo Boglione, but I’m not sure I’ll hear back because chefs rarely email.

And now the restaurant’s website is dead.


The CB1 Tribeca Committee will discuss is tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6 p.m.; if you want to attend, the meeting is at 49-51 Chambers (east of Broadway). Bring ID to get into the building and go to room 709 on the 7th floor.

UPDATE: Il Matto is indeed closed, reports Eater. And the CB1 agenda below is for a new owner.

ANOTHER UPDATE: CB1 says the principals on the application for a change are Matteo Boglione, Gian Perugini, and Angelo Perugini; the management is listed as Matteo Boglione, Gian Perugini; and the corporate name is still Pebo Viola LLC d/b/a Il Matto.

UPDATE 4/12: CB1 just sent out an email that basically sounds an alarm. (It rarely does this about a single issue, especially one regarding a restaurant. Looks like we’ll have a contentious meeting.)

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