TCQ&A: “Tribeca Is Like Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”

When Torly Kid‘s Carol Adams opened her Hudson Street shop six years ago, it was called Babylicious and it mostly carried toys. As the years went on, the shop grew up with the children in the neighborhood, and Adams added more and more clothes, first to size 2, then size 4, and so on (the shop now has up to size 14 for girls and size 12 for boys). In recent months, Adams has introduced lots of creative programming—there was an opera-appreciation series and a popular run of Wizarding Workshops. “Next up is a summer book club,” she says, “probably one for ages 7 to 9 and another for 10 to 13. The kids read the books first, and then discuss them at the shop. We’ll also do an activity or craft.” Before that, however, comes the Tween Shopping Soirée on May 7 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., where there will be free French braiding and manicures, a Hula Hoop contest, discounts and giveaways, and a bake sale benefiting the World Wildlife Federation.

How long have you lived in the area?
I’ve lived in NYC since 1994. We moved into Tribeca in 2000—one year before 9/11—from the central village. Before that I spent time on the Upper West Side and Upper East Side. By far, my favorite neighborhood has been Tribeca. It has a small-town feel like Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood. (Am I dating myself there?)

Which restaurants do you frequent most often?
My favorite night out restaurants in Tribeca include Takahachi (I always order the Superman roll), Cercle Rouge (the wings and a salad), Landmarc (chopped salad or a steak), or Max (lasagna).

Which restaurants do you tend to go to for a special occasion?
That’s an easy one—either Thalassa for a fantastic Mediterranean meal or Megu (when somebody else is paying!).

Where do you order in (or get take-out) from?  Are there dishes you always order?
My husband would eat the Bo Xao from Nam every night! I like to order the monkfish from Nam, Chinese chicken salad from Viet Café, and the grilled chicken salad or soup from Louie at Tribeca Pizzeria. We eat some sort of Asian food almost every night we order in.

Which shops do you find it hard to resist popping into when you pass by?
I have been very excited to see more women’s boutiques in the neighborhood. I can never resist checking out Jen’s goods at Petticoat Lane. I am also happy that Otte is in the neighborhood since I used to shop there in the village. I am still, however, mourning the loss of Bouley Bakery as I never walked by that place without finding a reason to pop in.

What’s the area’s best kept secret?
I believe there are two. The first is that Bouley Studio still sells hot pretzels and rotisserie chicken (two of the best items at the former Bouley Bakery). The second is the Regal Battery Park cinemas. It’s the only theater in New York City that you don’t need to buy tickets online in advance to get a seat.

What was the last non-essential item you bought in Tribeca?
My husband would say a pair of shoes (of course!), but since there are no women’s shoe stores in Tribeca (at least not one I can afford), I would have to say that Barnes & Noble is one of my favorite ways to spend non-essential money.

Are there any services (salon, fitness, etc.) that you’re particularly glad are in the neighborhood?
I’m a huge fan of both Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates, especially her new SpringTone class, and SoulCycle. I used to travel to the Upper West Side to spin so I love that it’s so close.

Where do you always take out-of-towners?
During the warm weather we always take out-of-towners to either Hudson River Park (and Pier 25) or the High Line. During cold weather, it’s the brunch and movies at the Tribeca Grand.

What’s your favorite part of the area (street, park, whatever)?
We live on N. Moore so I am super excited about the new Pier 25. I used to play sand volleyball at the old piers and I can’t wait to get out there again this summer.

Your most memorable celebrity sighting?
We’ve had lots of fun celebrities in the store over the years. However, when Will Smith was filming I Am Legend on Beach Street, he chatted with me and the kids for a few minutes and that was very memorable!

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