Seen & Heard: Shake Shack BPC

••• Reader Suellen Epstein—who has been fighting against the moving of the 1st Precinct stables—got a copy of the letter copy of the letter (PDF) that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly sent CB1 chairperson Julie Menin about the issue. It explains the NYPD’s thinking behind the move rather clearly. They might’ve saved themselves some hassle if they had released this kind of thing sooner—but the police don’t have to explain themselves, do they? Which is why I’m concerned that in 18 months, when they have said they’ll return the stables to the horses, they’ll simply change their minds. Not that it matters, but the letter has no mention of the 18-month timeline. Related: Thanks to Jim Smithers for his comments on this post.

••• According to reader Kiff, who asked an employee, Shake Shack BPC opens this Wednesday. (Photo courtesy Eater)

••• From reader Andrea: “Not sure if you posted this already… the spray park is in full effect on Pier 25. It was pretty packed with kids of all ages this morning and afternoon.” I hadn’t mentioned it—I’m actually in Litchfield, Conn., for the weekend, where Mother Nature is currently putting on her own spray park, in the form of a thunderstorm. Thanks to Kiff and Andrea for the updates!

••• A question from reader Liat: “Thoughts for an article—where to go for drinks and supper after 11 p.m.? We had that dilemma the other night, and tried Plein Sud, which I thought would keep the kitchen open till at least midnight, being attached to a hotel, but no, it was drinks only (and the bar closes at midnight). Ward III is the only place I know that is open with food (great fruit pie, really!) and drinks weeknights late. Is there anywhere else?” The Odeon comes to mind (open till 1 a.m. Wednesday, 2 a.m. Thursday–Saturday), as Landmarc (till 2 a.m. nightly) and Bubby’s (open 24 hours except Mondays). B Flat is open till 2 a.m. or 3 a.m., but the kitchen may not be; likewise, I’m not sure how late Weather Up is open, but presumably fairly late. All this is secondhand—I go to bed early—so others may have better ideas.

••• Since this has become an all-reader post: Two different people have recently suggested that I offer to answer any questions about myself. (Such as whether I’m Jim Smithers. I’m NOT Jim Smithers! And I’ve never made up a commenter.) When I started this site, I thought it would be more newspaper-y, written more in the third-person than in the first, but I found it boring to read and boring to write. There are many times when I think it’s far too much about me, but I can certainly see how people might be curious who the hell I am. So feel free to ask away at I’ll tell you anything but my Social Security Number and my mother’s maiden name.

••• UPDATE: I saw this tweet this morning….

…and wondered where it was (but um, not enough to ask @myunglet). Anyway reader Zoe soon answered that question with an email titled “Hook & Ladder No. 8 saving 44 White Street,” which included the photos below. One more reason why the firehouse shouldn’t be scrapped.



  1. Shall we have a lottery on how long it will take Smithers to find out your ss# and mom’s maiden name?

  2. Point made. But will it be taken?

  3. What I don’t get is the PD has known for ~10 years they were going to need a site for the WTCC, but they waited until now to look for it? Maybe if they had started earlier something else would have been available. What about that substation they had on Washington Street south of the WTC, which they vacated recently?

  4. The NYPD is here to protect NYC. If they need to change their facilities over time, they should do so. If you want your kids to see horses, take them to the zoo.

  5. Re: late night dinner and drinks:

    TriBeCafe (right above Bflat) is open Monday – Saturday until last call at 1:30am. The kitchen is shared with Bflat, so food is served downstairs as well until about that time.

    (Full disclosure – I work for TriBeCafe. This comment is meant to be informative to add to the aforementioned topic, but I realize that it could come off as a shameless plug for the restaurant…in which case, my apologies!)

  6. @Yoko: Not shamless at all! (As long as you ID yourself!) Thanks for pointing TriBeCafe out.

  7. I believe Macao Trading Co. has a late-night menu until 3:30.