In the News: Shake Shack

What's with all the TVs? (By Julie Shapiro, courtesy DNAinfo)

••• As first reported here yesterday, Shake Shack BPC is indeed opening tomorrow; it’s where the pizza place and Lili’s were. “The Battery Park City outpost, on Murray Street, features all the traditional menu items that made Shake Shack famous […] but it also offers three special ‘concretes,’ or frozen custards, that can’t be found anywhere else. The ‘Wall-nut Street’ [No! —Ed.] contains vanilla custard, cookie dough, walnuts and cherries; the ‘Lower West Side’ has chocolate custard, malted marshmallow and cocoa nibs; and the ‘Downtown Butter Brown’ serves up vanilla custard mixed with hazelnut brown butter streusel and seasonal fruit.” Hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week. (DNAinfo) If I get around to it, maybe I’ll dream up downtown-related names they might’ve gone with….

••• “Neighbors say the trendy [?!] Puerto Rican hot spot Sazón is a noisy, trouble-making nuisance—but the eatery’s owner says he’s the victim of racism.” I’d say it’s classism rather than racism, not to put too fine a point on it. “The Tribeca restaurant plans to file a federal civil rights lawsuit today accusing the city, the State Liquor Authority and members of lower Manhattan’s Community Board 1 of discriminating against the lounge because its customers aren’t ‘from this neighborhood.’ ‘Since I’ve opened this restaurant, I have been treated completely unfairly,’ said owner Genaro Morales, who was recently rejected when he applied for permission to open a bar in his downstairs lounge on Reade St.” At that meeting, it was pointed out time and again how it’s been a bad neighbor; people will hear what they want to. (New York Daily News)

••• “Dominique Strauss-Kahn has hired an all-male cleaning staff to do his dirty work at his Tribeca townhouse, where he’s awaiting trial for allegedly forcing himself on a hotel maid. Instead of sexy French maids, the randy disgraced pol—once considered a front-runner for the French presidency—will have his needs tended to by blue-collar dudes who look like plumbers.” The name of this housekeeping service was not mentioned, alas. (New York Post)

••• The new Luke’s Lobster “on S. William (btw. Hanover Sq. & Broad) is opening on Friday!” (Midtown Lunch)

••• “A daring duo of sledge hammer-wielding burglars are smashing down walls and clambering through holes to raid [FiDi] shops and restaurants, police said.” (DNAinfo)

••• Councilmember Margaret Chin’s office is seeking signatures for a petition about closing the firehouses: “Residents can support the petition by e-mailing not later than June 9th and including “Fire Company Closings” in the subject line, along with a request to keep fire companies open, plus the resident’s name, address, e-mail and phone number. Residents can send the same information by postal mail to the New York City Council, 250 Broadway, 30th Floor, New York, NY, 10007, or fax the office at 212-788-9106.” (Broadsheet Daily)

••• “Manhattan Rents Still Climbing Up, Just Not in FiDi.” (Curbed)

••• The single-story 250 Canal (at the southeast corner of Lafayette) is on the market, and could/should be developed up to five stories, possibly a hotel. Also: 120 Lafayette, on the corner diagonally opposite, is also on the market. (Real Estate Weekly, via Curbed)

••• “A new fireboat (the Bravest) was officially launched and named last Thursday at North Cove Marina.” (Broadsheet Daily)



  1. Demolition on the NYPD stables began in earnest this AM — dumpster outside is almost full already.

    Sad, as I really don’t expect them to return.

  2. we are looking forward to shake shack! We looked in on them on the weekend and were happy when they told us it was a June 1st opening. We might even go there tomorrow!

  3. The new Shack is great! It’s a nice space, and the burgers are just as they should be. Be wary about the line, because almost everybody in it is ordering for their offices. The staff seems to be up to the task, though, as things were moving very smoothly for such a busy opening.