Seen & Heard: 83 Franklin

••• A friend recommends “Mesmerize,” the show of drawings by Stuart Elster currently at Steven Harris Architects* (120 Chambers). Pictured: “Afflicted with Constipation.” Seriously! *Is there a browser setting that stops websites from opening full-screen? Hate that.

••• I was asking around about 83 Franklin—it’s shaping up rather nicely—and the word is that it’s residential. Anyone know otherwise?

••• Yesterday around 1:15 p.m., I went to Shake Shack to see if one really could skip the (still long) main line to just get “cold food” in what’s called the C-line. (Research!) Luckily, there was a staffer at the line who I could ask, and sure enough, she sent me right up to the counter—aggravating everyone in line, I’m sure. Anyway, this is somewhat dangerous knowledge but I pass it along knowing that you can handle it.

••• The new Il Matto, White & Church, opens tonight.

••• Dis Respectacles has left the building.

••• Came across this ad on Craigslist: “RESTAURANT GROUP IS SEEKING AN EXPERIENCED SPORTS BAR GENERAL MANAGER FOR A NEW CONCEPT IN TRIBECA.” What’s with the caps? Anyway, could the ad be for Tribeca Taproom? Or maybe Buster’s Garage 2.0?

••• On Father’s Day (this Sunday), fathers “blast for free” at ExerBlast.

••• Something classy called Tribeca Furniture Outlet is opening next to American Icon on Broadway.



  1. very sad about Disrespectables, I’ve been going to them for years and loved their service!

  2. yes 83 Franklin will be a rental loft building launching this summer. not officially ready but you can already get some info on the website.