Seen & Heard: Parr Studios

••• During a long walk around northwest Tribeca yesterday evening, I did a double-take and at the northwest corner of Vestry and Washington: There was a window (on Vestry) where I didn’t recall one being before. The signage painted on it said it’s Parr Studios, that it’s open “by chance or by appointment,” and that the phone number is 212-966-6340. Peeking inside, I saw what you see in the photo above. I couldn’t find anything online, so I called and asked if they were new to the neighborhood. No, Howard Parr told me. They’ve been there a while as an office (doing artist management, film development, and more), but the window is indeed a recent addition; it used to be a metal gate. He explained that the studio space was introduced because “we have furniture and collectibles that my brother”—owner Stuart Parr—”has amassed over the years, so we’re selling things.” It’s at 60 Vestry if you want to take your chances they’ll be there.

••• Boomerang Toys would also like community support as it fights to get a spot in the WFC’s soon-to-be-revamped mall. Here’s a petition you can sign (or stop by either store). [UPDATE: The link should work now.] I can’t be the only one who hopes that Brookfield doesn’t turn the WFC into one more generic collection of multinational brands, like most of the Meatpacking District and Soho—like so much of Manhattan—full of stuff people might like but certainly don’t need. By the way, Boomerang’s Karen Barwick says, “We have no plans of leaving Tribeca!”

••• The deli on Duane across from Tribeca Tower appears to be now called Delimarie. (It says it on the doors.) This may have happened a long time ago—I’m not a big deligoer, and it wasn’t because the branding wasn’t fresh. Seriously, between this and the Picnic Basket (f.k.a. Jin Market), we’re one more rebranded deli away from a trend.

••• That bench on Greenwich is indeed new, says reader Chelseay, “along with some phone booths with no phones in them.” Obviously, actual phones would get in the way of people using the booths to discreetly get stoned.


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  1. I fixed the Boomerang petition link—not sure why that went buggy.