Seen & Heard: City Hall Park in the 1940s

••• The Johnny’s Cuts barber shop opted not to open at 11 Lispenard after all. In its place: the peripatetic psychic.

••• The folks at Tribeca Decor, which used to be on the southwest corner of Broadway and Franklin, told me they were moving across Franklin (where the Zéh Palito mural is), but they actually moved across Broadway (and appear to have changed their name to Tribeca Furniture Outlet).

••• From the Tribeca Greenmarket: “The Cornell Brothers Washtub Band will be playing bluegrass from 10-12. Lead member was sick last week but they promise to be here this Saturday.”

••• Reader Henry pointed out that Business Insider has a slideshow of Manhattan photos from the 1940s. They’re not so Tribeca-y, but they’re wonderful anyway. Here’s one of City Hall Park from across Park Row. The fencelessness is sort of shocking.


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  1. The City Hall fence is pretty new! The Park renovation was finished in 1999 while Guiliani was mayor.

    “An exact replica of the 1820’s perimeter fence, complete with its cylindrical steel posts topped by finials, encloses the park. The original fence was removed in 1865 …”