Seen & Heard: Brazilian Muralist

••• Denise Richards will appear at Barnes & Noble Tribeca on July 26. Letting you know now in case you want to, I don’t know, clear your calendar?

••• Speaking of books: A real writer, Sarah Mlynowski—you may recall the interview that Anojja Shah did with her—has a new young adult novel, Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn’t Have).

••• From Ward III: “We’re grilling for the 4th of July! As most of us don’t have backyards, and not all of us can get away for the weekend, we’ve bought a bad-ass smoker, and are setting it up outside the bar. $10 gets you a massive plate of food. $15 gets you the same plate, a pint of beer inside, and a sneak peak at the brilliant Cheryl Lins’ new line of aged whiskies.” This is in addition to the Bogardus Plaza event, I think.

••• Remember that mural on the plywood at Franklin and Broadway? @Chris_kruli tweeted a post on (NSFW) that says it’s by Brazilian street artist Zéh Palito. It’s in honor (or part of?) his “first solo show at FB Gallery in Tribeca. The exhibit is entitled Love, Peace and Unicorns, and runs until July 17. For pictures and more information, visit Zéh Palitos’s flickr.” Pictured: Palito at work on the mural (courtesy FB Gallery, which I did not know about till now….).

••• Had another good dinner at Tamarind Tribeca last night, but it ended on a sour note. One of the entrées we ordered was a special prawn curry, and we were surprised to discover when the bill came how much it cost. Understanding that you haven’t tried the dish, how much do you think it might reasonably cost? (The two shrimp entrées on the menu were $25 and $26.) Or at what point does the server/restaurant have an obligation to mention the price? Careful readers will know this is a sore spot with me….



  1. In general, I usually see 15-20% premium for “specials”. Unless they are rare prawns that were raised in Tribeca. Then all bets are off.

    But now I’m curious how much it was, and more importantly (price aside), was it worthy of being a special?

  2. @Albert: I’ll definitely tell what the price was, but I want to wait to see if anyone else weighs in.

  3. I will guess $35? This sounds like my $40 dollar glass of champagne at Locande verde…..

  4. I agree with $35, should be within $10 of the other not so special seafood dishes.

  5. @everyone: It was $34, which now I have to think isn’t outrageous. No, I take that back! That’s a steak price! I don’t like to order entrées above $30 if I can help it—I just think it’s sort of crazy. The curry was good, but I don’t know if I’d say it was a cut above the other fare at Tamarind (which I’m a fan of).

  6. Acapella did that to us with their lamb special… which was a tasty $49!
    It was excellent lamb but we are not going back there. I really felt that should have been mentioned before we ordered!

    @ Barbara – $40 for a glass of champagne! Shame on them!

  7. I believe that the restaurant industry makes a point of not telling the price of specials. The assume that many (or most) people will not ask because they will feel like cheap asses. It is smart, but can make patrons feel jipped and insecure ( I should have asked the price, but didn’t. It is my fault)