In the News: Frozen Treats

••• Nixtamalito Taqueria now has paletas, Mexican-style Popsicles from El Sabor de Michoachan, says Midtown Lunch, adding, “There was a decent variety of flavors including avocado, coffee and Oreo [Let’s hope that’s three separate flavors. —Ed.] and although I did not taste test one I’m sure they are delicious.” Did not taste one? Wha? I went this afternoon, and I liked mine—I tried avocado, though I wished I’d gone for the spicy gazpacho one. The price seemed high at $3, but I’m out of the Popsicle loop; maybe that’s the new normal. Also, they’re hecho en New Rochelle, if that matters to you. Related: Wooly’s Ice is no longer hanging out on the other side of the Municipal Building. It’s spending weekdays on Elizabeth Street and weekends at markets I’ve never heard of, so I assume they’re in Brooklyn.

••• More on the subway entrance at 135 William: “The new William Street entrance that opened Monday is the first in the city to be lined with translucent, brick-shaped glass tiles, designed to give the station a distinctive look. The gleaming entrance also gets a touch of history from a restored black metal gate and a mural of New York Harbor, both once part of the 1913 McAlpin Hotel at Herald Square.” (DNAinfo)

••• “Residents are drafting new rules for a Battery Park City field after soccer-playing adults frequently invaded it last summer and tore it up with their cleats. Neighbors say ‘roving bands’ of adult athletes often descended on the West Thames Park field, between West Street and Rector Place, for intense after-work games, preventing local children from playing with their friends. […] A Community Board 1 taskforce is proposing three new rules for the field: No cleats, no organized games that take up more than half of the field and no activities that are disrespectful or dangerous to the other users of the park.” (DNAinfo)

••• An update on funding for Park51. (New York Times) Curbed distilled the article into a list, noting that the new plan calls for four or five stories instead of 15.



  1. Not to be insensitive, but it seems like there are an abundance of places for children to play around here and not very many for adults. Is there a field where adults are allowed?

  2. Believe me, I wanted to taste test one of those paletas but was on my way to a meeting. I figured showing up with popsicle all over my hands/face wasn’t classy!

  3. I’m with Winnie on this one… We are a very young child centric park area, and I find teens especially don’t have the same space allocations… I would like a park for teens to go where they aren’t toddlers they have to look out for or an organized activity they have to join, just a place to hang (they can’t smoke in parks anymore anyways…) Ditto for adults.