In the News: Obama in BPC Tonight

••• From Manhattan User’s Guide, a daily email you really should sign up for: “75 art books up to 75% off at Independent Curators International‘s two-day sale, tomorrow (10-6) and Saturday (10-3). 401 Bway [Lispenard/Walker] Suite 1620, 212-254-8200.”

••• “President Barack Obama will make a quick jaunt to the Big Apple Thursday to attend a fundraiser at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park Hotel, a spokeswoman for the Ritz confirmed. The President is set to land at JFK Airport at 5:25 p.m. in order to arrive at the event at 6:05 p.m.” (DNAinfo)

••• “Graduates of New York Law School filed a class-action lawsuit against their alma mater, claiming they were duped into enrolling with false promises of practically guaranteed high-paying legal jobs.” Did they get it in writing? (New York Post)

••• From Manhattan Loft Guy: “Now that we know that it is not a slur to call a seller with a sticky asking price ‘stubborn,’ here’s another one: when the Manhattan loft #11B at 130 Fulton Street closed on July 11 at $2.01mm, that capped a campaign that began by asking $2mm at The Peak and resumed in September 2010 at $2.195mm.” If I ever (try to) sell my apartment I do worry that MLG will dissect the sale.

Courtesy Downtown Lunch

••• Downtown Lunch discovered a new taco kiosk, Casa Masa, on the WFC Plaza. It’s a spin-off of Blockheads, but DL says the tacos were good.

••• FiDi’s Urban Lobster Shack is selling a shrimp scampi roll. (Downtown Lunch)

••• Curbed noticed somewhere that 1 N. Moore has done some stripping.

••• Touring 20 Pine. (Curbed)

••• The “psychedelic” (not my word) murals at Spruce Street School. (Curbed)

••• Casino exec Allen Samuels is “Livin de Life.” (via Gothamist)



  1. Casa Masa was fairly crappy. Now that you mention the Blockheads pedigree it makes sense. The white cheese tasted and smelled like parmasean in a can. Chipotle where art thou?

  2. My veggie taco last nite was definitely not as described by Downtown Lunch. There were no veggies, just the slaw stuff on top. And it was cold. And too spicy. They weren’t even using the grill for anything. Evidently quality varies considerably throughout the day.