40 Worth Tenant

The Worth side. Above: The W. Broadway side

You know that huge space at the southeast corner of W. Broadway and Worth, where the city used to have social-services offices (including a fake supermarket for senior training)? It’s been rented by the New York Law School, which shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, seeing as how many of the surrounding storefronts the school has also taken. (Or maybe it should, seeing as how the NYLS is the subject of a class-action lawsuit by graduates who didn’t get the high-paying jobs they were allegedly promised.)

My source also said that the building was interested in renting the grand Church Street entrance hallway to a restaurant, but they realized that most restaurants would want a liquor license, which might not go over well with Buckle My Shoe, the nursery school in the adjacent storefront.



  1. Why don’t they rent it to a real coffee shop – not Starbucks.
    With panini, soup, omelettes etc – no liquor license needed.

    The area desperately needs somewhere to have a decent cup of coffee.

  2. Foiled again! I was hoping for a deli or something on the corner. Oh well. Matilde – try RBC on Worth and Church next Chase.

  3. @Kenny: RBC has awesome coffee (as do La Colombe and Kaffe 1668), but I wonder if Matilde doesn’t mean an old-school European-style café, where you can sit in a grand setting and enjoy a coffee and desert. (No laptops allowed!) I know that’s what I’d like, but I think Manhattan has priced those kind of places out. (And serving liquor, which is high-margin, is essential for most restaurants to survive.)

  4. There’s always the Cosmopolitan Cafe on West Broadway. Although, every cup I’ve had has been brewed to 600 degrees.