Seen & Heard: Stuart Smith Tribute

Courtesy Bikini Bar

••• Bikini Bar’s Aileen Oser, whose husband Stuart Smith tragically died last month, has posted a deeply moving tribute on the Bikini Bar website. “Stewart Smith was the love of my life,” it starts, “and I would like to thank everyone for their unbelievably inspiring support and friendship. He was my soul mate, partner and playmate… and I cannot imagine life without him. We would have been married 25 years on Valentine’s Day in 2012, and my greatest sadness is that we will not be able to have the adventure of a lifetime for the next 25 years together.” Read it, then go tell your partner you love him or her.

••• Tribeca Greenmarket report: “New produce at Tribeca on Saturday: watermelon, mango donut peaches, limey donut peaches.”

••• Macao Trading Co. is looking for models, presumably clothed: “If you wanna be on our new Postcard, casting call is tomorrow [that’s today, Aug. 17] from 10am–6pm at the restaurant!!!” Sorry for the late notice, I meant to post this earlier.

••• Best Made, the axe company based in Tribeca, is now selling enameled tin mugs ($32 per pair). My family had a set we bought at Cost Plus in San Francisco when I was a kid. I loved those mugs.

••• Atera (f.k.a. Compose) is hiring. The ad includes this: “The cuisine is modern new American solely based on regionality and seasonality.”

••• In need of a fourth meal yesterday afternoon because I wasn’t having dinner till late, I stopped by the Eddie’s Pizza Truck cart stationed on Greenwich at Reade, outside Washington Market Park. The 10-inch pie is $7.50 with no toppings (besides cheese), and the crust is superthin (“like a tortilla,” said the friendly woman working there). I was neither here nor there about it, but as I stood nearby eating my tortizza, I found myself defending it to a woman who asked if it was good. She thought it was too big (she only wanted a slice), too expensive, and too burned (she may have been right, and I like a char); she also thought that the cart had no business being on the sidewalk. I said that there was a sign saying that it was there by the grace of the Parks Department, and they have to make money somehow. She wasn’t persuaded.


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  1. Re: Eddie’s. I ran into a neighbor on the street later today, and she said that Eddie’s told her they had signed a five-year lease (or whatever the word is) for that spot and that they’ll be there in winter, too. (She’s a better reporter than I am.) Also, her kids loved the pizza despite the fact that theirs was burned too.