Inside “Tribute in Light”

Just before Labor Day, photographer Krystl Hall went behind the scenes at the installation of “Tribute in Light,” the Municipal Art Society‘s exquisite annual 9/11 artwork. Last night, she was on hand as the “space cannons” (that’s really what they’re called!) were turned on. For more of Krystl’s wonderful work, check out her Flickr photostream.

P.S. If you took photos of this year’s “Tribute in Light,” please email them to

And remember, the Municipal Art Society says the funding for “Tribute in Light” is not guaranteed after this year, so please donate.

When I arrived, the lights were already on, but it was still too bright out to see the beams.

A small audience gathered for the ceremony.

Insignia of a visiting police officer.

A fireman from Washington, Conn.

The base of "tower one."

Getting the shot.

The base of "tower two."

"Tower two."

The base of "tower one."

"Tower one."

Bebe Neuwirth speaks.

Power systems and safety precautions for "tower one."

Inside "tower one," looking straight up.

Looking west from inside "tower one."

A soldier makes a phone call.

"Tower two."

Members of the New South Wales police force.

The view of One World Trade Center from the roof.

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