Tribute to “Light”

I asked people to send in their photos of “Tribute in Light,” whether they were taken on Sept. 11 or during a test that week,¬†with a phone or a serious camera, because I’m always tickled by how different it looks from different spots and in varying conditions. Among the folks who contributed were Mark Benigno; I’m singling him out because he also sent over a time-lapse video that took my breath away. The movements of the clouds over time bring to mind 9/11 in a dramatic fashion.

The photos in the gallery below come from Andrea, Annika K. Martin, Anonymous, Antony Courtney, Charlotte Bialek, David Imber, Debbie Ahn, Ellen Stiene, Jim Smithers, Jon Pepper, Justin Wolf for Hionas Gallery, Mark Benigno, Rebecca Soebbing, Tom Adams, and me. If you drift your cursor over a photo, you’ll find out who shot it (or click and the credit is in the headline). Thanks again to everyone!

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Click to see each in its full glory….



  1. Sorry, but all the shots that have the lights joined at the top in one big ball are really creepy to me. It’s like watching the fireball from my roof yet again. Nothing against the photographers, but those pix are anything but soothing.

  2. @Suzanne F – Yeah, and some people see the Virgin Mary in a burnt piece of toast. In the dimension that I live in, white lights are very different than a fiery ball of flame and smoke.