Seen & Heard: 55 Warren

••• I noticed the above sign at 56 Walker yesterday. This is the Tribeca Stage event space that has run afoul of the authorities on at least one occasion, then opened on May 5 as a one-night-only Cinco de Mayo restaurant. It appears to be turning into a café: “Epifaneo Collective is offering live jazz, folk, blues, poetry, films, great organic food, coffee, and tea,” says the website. “Besides the great food and entertainment, we our focus is on politics, consciousness, progressive change, and a planet that serves the best good of all.” The velvet rope gives one pause.

••• 55 Warren finally has a real website. Only one unit (#3) is listed so far, at $6.75 million. I’m dying to get a look at the interior courtyard (the property combines 55 Warren and 55 Murray, directly behind it, and the top floors have hallways along the courtyard), which has been paneled with reclaimed barn wood. (Click photo for a better look.) Also of note: The ground-floor units are “two commercial condo units zoned for most uses, including live/work, with the exception of food/beverage service.”

••• From Asphalt Green BPC: “The new construction timeline is that the Center will be open to members on or around January 1, 2012, pending no additional construction delays.” Until then, charter members get to participate in the outdoor classes for free.

••• RHX, on the brink of closing since early July.


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