New Kid on the Block: Lolë

When I first dropped by Lolë, back in June, the plan was for it to be a “showtique”—half showroom for retail clients, half boutique. Since then—along with some redesigning—there’s been a shift, and the space is mostly boutique, with a small showroom area in back. And it’s finally open!

Launched in Canada at the end of 2002, the Lolë brand is inspired by well-being, with women’s clothing for fitness activities but also just for an active, casual lifestyle. The company entered the U.S. market in 2006, and two years ago it was bought by private equity firm Kilmer Capital, which brought opportunities to expand. “We have two stores in Montreal, and two in Toronto,” says Lolë wholesale marketing specialist Aimee Ducharme. “This is the first showtique and the first store in the U.S.” Lolë clothing is not yet sold in any other New York City stores, but it is widely available online (and it will be at the new Eastern Mountain Sports uptown and the REI opening in the Puck Building in Soho).

“We’re all about having a balanced life,” says Ducharme. “Don’t forget yourself.” To that end, Lolë will have a social, community-building aspect. Starting in November, the boutique will host free meet-ups, with a “little party” afterward. “We’ll have different speakers, such as nutritionists. If we meet some great fitness instructor, we can even hold classes here or in Hudson River Park.”

P.S. Lolë is pronounced loh-lee. Fans of rhyme will want to note that Oly is next door. Maybe we can get this company to open nearby….

Lolë is at 24 Hubert (bet. Greenwich and Washington), 888-501-6351;

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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood! We can’t wait to stop by and have a look! And thank you so much for giving us a clue as to how to pronounce the name! We probably wouldn’t have gotten close without your help.

  2. Congratulations to Anne-Marie Hebert Director at Lole in Montreal for her fantastic and well done merchandising.Great Job! AMH

  3. Oups! my mistake the great merchandising was done by Anna Ferenczi…
    Great job! Anna.

  4. I recently discovered Lole through a colleague and love these clothes! Very happy with the quality on everything I’ve gotten so far (jackets, tanks and pants).