Seen & Heard: Bon Chicken

••• Chambers Street restaurant Bon Chicken, which was Bon Chon Chicken when it opened (before it had its Chon stripped away), and which appears to have been Bon Bon Chicken online (before the site went down), has gone out of business. Well, it could be a reno, but look at it.

••• What I’m hearing is that stores will be welcoming trick-or-treaters on Monday, Oct. 31. So kids get two chances to dress up: On Sunday, Oct. 30, for the Washington Market Park parade and party, and on Halloween proper.

••• Cheryl McGinnis Gallery has opened at 466 Washington. Cheryl Hazan, Cheryl Pelavin, now Cheryl McGinnis…. We have a trend! Or maybe they’re all the same person…?

••• I picked up Zone One, Colson Whitehead’s new zombie novel, at Mysterious Bookshop (zombie books are more likely to qualify as mysteries around Halloween, I was told) because it’s set in Lower Manhattan. Grab a copy and we’ll book club it. But I should warn you: I tend to scan read very quickly.



  1. Does anyone know what time the businesses will be ready to receive the little trick-or-treaters on Halloween afternoon/evening? Is it a daytime or an evening thing?

  2. @Heidi: I’m hearing it tends to be 3–6pm because it’s a weekday (so it’s after school, before dinner). Also many stores don’t stay open much later than that on weekdays.