Seen & Heard: Ristorante Aglio

••• The word on the street is that 83 Worth will be a restaurant and/or bar, although there’s been nothing mentioned at CB1 yet.

••• The name of the restaurant replacing TriBeCafe will be Ristorante Aglio, and it’ll serve Italian food (the name is a pretty good indication of that, but I also found a Craiglist ad for a chef who can cook Italian). That’ll make seven Italian restaurants in a four-block stretch: Saluggi’s, Stuzzicheria, Bread Tribeca, Petrarca, White & Church, Da Mikele, and Ristorante Aglio. We’re approaching Little Italy density here.

••• Chris Rock won’t be attending the Pootie Tang screening at 92YTribeca after all.

••• A gentle reminder/request: If you patronize a local business in part because you read about it here, please mention it to them. It really helps.



  1. @Erik (not Eric) – i would mention TC, but you never write about New York Dolls. I can only do so much.

  2. @Jim: You’ll get better return on your $20 bills here:

  3. @Erik – Yeah, that really doesn’t Occupy My Lap in quite the same way. Apologies for the potential visual.

  4. How about Pepolino? or is that too far north?

  5. Totally off the subject…but…can you please tell me what is Eve’s Pharmacy on Chambers (off Greenwich on the southside, next to where Tea Amanzi used to be) is all about? Perhaps you have already written about it or everyone knows what their deal is but they are randomly open for business. They do not seem to have regular business hours. They have the most random stuff in there from Webkinz dolls to cigarettes to umbrellas. The space is so small and crammed I get a headache just thinking about how one would/could shop there. What’s up with that place? I would love to know!

  6. @TribecaMom: I was focusing on Church St., so I didn’t include Pepolino, but yes, it certainly adds to the general density in those parts. As for Eve’s Pharmacy, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked by and thought it had closed for good. I’ve only been inside twice, and neither time did I want to stay long, so I can’t promise I’ll go back in to investigate. Given the vacancies on either side, the landlord may be trying to get rid of Eve’s so he/she can market it as one large space.

  7. Regarding Eve’s… The previous tenant of that space was a Baskin Robbins that would be randomly closed, including on the most beautiful Spring and Summer days when they would have been packed with people from both parks. Our family theory was that it was actually a money laundering front and closed only when BR pulled their franchise license. Seems like Eve’s has a similar business plan, but without all those pesky customers!

  8. I often wonder about that Pharmacy, and if I had my refils lodged there, I’d be super annoyed. As it is, they lose any potential clients with their weirdness (they were open today for the first time in weeks)

    I also think that the building wants them to move so they can knock the three store fronts together

  9. Thanks all for the info on Eve’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if something shady goes on in/through there.

  10. What is the new restaurant AOA at the Hilton Garden Inn?