Seen & Heard: Jin Market

••• From a reader, following up on this post: “I have intel about Jin Market (and soon possibly Hudson Market). I asked about a small sign with the label ‘Hudson Market’ and got the scoop. New owners as of two weeks ago, mostly same staff including nice Korean lady at the cash (she is the sister of the new owner) and a rumored remodel in the new year including a larger buffet and relocation of the cash. Good! Always was a little klugey in there for my taste, especially that big empty ice bin display at the front and the hidden juice bar and ice cream freezer.”

••• The Harrison said on Facebook that its sandwich board was “banned from the sidewalk outside.” Gee, why?

••• From another reader: “1. Can anyone recommend someone competent who does jewelry repair in the neighborhood? 2. Any recommendations for experienced landscape/roof deck architects or designers?” I’m pretty sure Cass Lilien on Harrison does jewelry repair. Any other suggestions? (By the way, several readers suggested in my survey—you know, the one you’re going to fill out right now—that I create a forum where people could post stuff like this. I looked into it a while ago, but it’d cost around $1000 for it not to look/work like crap. If anyone has experience with Kickstarter, let me know if you think that’d be a viable way to fund such a tool. I’m at

••• Euphoria Spa‘s sauna, out of commission for years, is working again—and just in time for winter.



  1. For Roof Deck Design and Landscape Architecture, I recommend Sam Lawrence at HM White, 107 Grand Street, (212) 868-9411 ext. 15, Website:

  2. DVVS Jewelry, 263 West 19 St has repaired a number of antique tribal silver pieces over the years. Their prices are good and the owners are lovely. Closed Sundays

  3. Jewelry repair: William Barthman, 176 Broadway