Nosy Neighbor: What’s Up With Jin Market?

“I go to the Jin Market [a.k.a. the Picnic Basket] for lunch almost every day for a salad, and I noticed their chips and nuts and most groceries are not being restocked. Is there something more going on?” —C.

I popped my head in and it sure looks like another hurricane is on its way—shelves are empty. But fear not: The deli isn’t closing. They’re just making some changes, moving things around. Or at least that’s the sense I got when I asked. The answer was in about five words, and I when I followed up with a question about whether they were renovating, I was told, “Making changes.” I also asked if they’d be closing at all during the renovation, and they said no. I didn’t push it because the last time I pulled out a notebook in there I got yelled at.

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  1. I heard that it was sold & a new owner coming in!