A Mysterious Store Has Closed

Hot on the heels of the “for rent” sign appearing in Gallery Viet Nam’s window, another mysterious Tribeca business is closing: A “for sale” sign is in Y.H.K. Department Store’s window, and there are no signs of life inside. (Then again, there often weren’t….) That’s the duty-free-esque shop at 11 Jay; it sold accessories and cosmetics from some very high-end brands (which made it feel like a duty-free shop that had lost its airport). It had been there 27 years.

The broker is positioning it as a maisonette, for residential or commercial (or both). I’d say it seemed likely to go residential—that’s an appealingly quiet block—but then again, Annelore is setting up shop across the street….

P.S. A disclaimer: I’d wager money that Y.H.K. has closed, but because it’s the kind of store that removes wares from its windows nightly, I suppose it could still be open. They were never particularly friendly, so I have no one to ask. Obviously, if it reopens I’ll post an update ASAP.



  1. I don’t think you should comment on whether or not they were friendly because you didn’t even know they were there!!!
    Were you still in diapers when they arrived on Jay Street?
    I bought sun screen powder from them occasionally and found them quiet, helpful and professional
    It’s a pity TriBeCa is losing another old timer.
    For the record, their steady clientele was the Asian tourist market. Hope they have retired to a lovely, exotic island!

  2. @Lisa: I knew they were there. I went in and chatted with them, and I found them standoffish.

  3. This saddens me. I kept meaning to visit this quirky store, it was indeed very mysterious, but it never seemed to be open! However, I also felt like I needed to know the secret knock or an introduction from another patron to enter. I can’t put my finger on it, but there was something about the front of the store wasn’t very inviting.