Seen & Heard: Jin Market Renamed

••• Yesterday afternoon, while you were in the Turks and Caicos, I was walking by the Picnic Basket, which many of us still know as Jin Market, when I saw that its awning now says 111 Hudson Market. I went inside to ask if that was the new name, only to discover that the construction is on, in a huge way. I was told yes, that is the new name, but it was in a way that made me think they just wanted me to leave. Because maybe it’s actually just Hudson Market, as rumored? Or could the sign be a cutting-edge mash-up of address and name? UPDATE 1/1: On Twitter, @jammypup gave me some history: “Original was Hudson market then some activists picketed for a while to get the workers paid fairly, some fired, name change.”

••• Reader popstarr2000 (the extra r is for extra rocknroll!) commented this on the post where I mentioned Christmas-tree disposal: “There will also be a ‘Mulchfest’ on January 7th at Bogardus Gardens. Bring your non-denominational holiday bushes to be disposed of between 9AM-12 Noon.”

••• Makalé Faber Cullen, the proprietress of Wilderness of Wish, which had a brief holiday pop-up at Bowne & Co. stationers (with a swell owl) emailed some nice news: “Robert [Warner of Bowne] asked me to shopkeep for him while he’s curating a show in Berkeley the last week in January. So I’ll return to Bowne that week with a small table again with goodies from the Wilderness.”


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  1. I went in today for my lunch- and the front of the store was redone. The salad guys changed. The prices seem the same though.