Crewcuts Surprise

I’ve learned that the Crewcuts shop at Hudson and Thomas, which opened just about a year ago, will soon be converted into a J. Crew men’s store. (I called the shop to ask exactly when the change would occur, but the clerk wouldn’t say a word.) On one hand, it’s a shock, because J. Crew seemed invested in it, and babies are being born left and right around here. On the other hand, perhaps there was too much competition—children’s clothing is everywhere, even on the same block as Crewcuts, while men have far fewer places to buy clothes. Heaven knows that the J. Crew Liquor Store, while appealing, gets a little crowded. Crewcuts clothes will presumably still be available up on Prince Street.

UPDATE: I called the Liquor Store, and was told they’re “definitely going to stay open.” (See comments.) But the small suiting section in the back of the Liquor Store will be moving to the new the larger store.



  1. Hi

    Does this mean they will close the liquor store?

  2. Why not a regular old J Crew and sell women’s stuff too? Does that mean the Liquor Store is going to close. Weird.

    Anyway, I think it’s a tough location, and frankly if I want to spend boutique prices on baby clothes, I’m not shopping at J Crew.

  3. I am going to miss it. I go in there for presents for my niece & nephew all the time!
    My husband is over 6 ft tall, and feels claustrophobic in the liquor store. There is barely room to breathe.

  4. Agreed DeeDee… I wish they would sell women’s clothes!! Is there any chance of that?

  5. I shop at J Crew sometimes but it is good news since the liquor store is way too small. My girlfriend and mom shop at this new shirts store on lispenard street. very good cotton quality and their shirts are limited-edition. They also have men shirts.