Seen & Heard: Teardown?

••• Thanks to a reader tip, I learned that Brite Buy Wines & Spirits is moving from 11 Sixth Ave. to 68 Franklin (right), just west of Broadway. So what’s taking its place, you might wonder? A restaurant, said the staffer I spoke with, and when I raised my eyebrows at the prospect of a restaurant moving into the tiny space, I was told that the word is the building is coming down.

••• Speaking of tearing down: Look what reader Troy sent in—a photo of (presumably) the DOT jackhammering out the ill-conceived “bus bulb” on Broadway near Franklin! Hallelujah! As I’ve said before, if you clog up Broadway, getting downtown is a pain. Who would’ve guessed that they’d go without a change in administration? (Troy pointed out that this photo was taken yesterday—meaning, one might guess, that the workers got holiday pay? I hate the bus bulbs, but getting rid of them is hardly an emergency.)

••• Plein Sud officially named Sebastien Agez its new chef.

••• I was cruising Seamless looking for something new—any suggestions?—when I noticed Freakin Wings “coming soon” on Church. I Googled it and saw an address for Sixth Avenue; I called and they answered Kool Bloo (which has a newish outpost on Church). So they’re related/the same thing. Seems like they should have separate listings?



  1. I’ve been to Plein Sud 3 times and had 3 unsuccessful meals. The food quality is not there, it’s not that effortlessly good french food, and the service is not there either, twice I’ve been and had staff mutter to me about the management (seriously!) but the bar is great and the bar tenders are excellent. So I’d happily meet there for drinks, but go somwhere else for dinner…

  2. @liat, I had brunch at Plein Sud twice and I thought it was great. Maybe the brunch scene/menu is sufficiently different, but I’ve tried many of their brunch items and they were universally tasty. I particularly recommend the Eggs Florentine Benedict.