In the News: About That Stoplight

••• That traffic signal that appeared at Greenwich and Franklin in December has been approved since May. The new traffic signal planned for Greenwich and Duane will be installed next month. —Tribeca Trib

••• “76 Minutes with Bethenny Frankel.” —New York Magazine (which compares her to Rosalind Russell…?!)

••• Avi from West Side Rag—I’m part of a hyperlocal clique now—emailed over a post of his that warrants mentioning. Our congressperson, Jerry Nadler, isn’t sure he opposes that proposed legislation I wrote about last week. Click “West Side Rag” above to read about it—and, should you feel moved, there’s a link to email Nadler.

••• “Nick Liuzzi opened Benvenuti, a new Italian delicatessen in the space once occupied by the old Samantha’s, on South End Avenue, between Rector Place and Albany Street. Mr. Liuzzi had been a partner in Samantha’s, and is now the primary owner of Benvenuti, which translates as ‘welcome.'” And isn’t to be confused with Benvenuto. —Broadsheet

••• “It would be a ‘shame’ if developer Larry Silverstein couldn’t build one of his proposed World Trade Center office towers,”—this is re: Silverstein’s threat to cap 3WTC at seven stories—but the city is unlikely to step in with subsidies, Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday.” —New York Post

••• The New York Times reviews the “Diggers, Mimes, [Etc.]” show at Jack Hanley.

••• “How do you expand the power and cooling capacity for an 80-year-old building with historic landmark status and limited roof space, located in the middle of a noise-sensitive neighborhood in the middle of New York City? All those challenges come together at one of the most familiar addresses in the telecom industry – 60 Hudson Street.” —Data Center Knowledge


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  1. Tthere’s no reason Mr. Silverstein, who is on the NYU Board, can’t bring all of those oversized buildings NYU wants to plop down in the middle of Washington Square and put them into that 80 story building he can’t seem to sell. Why not a major medical teaching facility at WTC 3?