Seen & Heard: Taste of Tribeca

••• Woodrow’s—the steakhouse coming to what was Biddy Early’s—has a website (with menus but no prices), a Twitter account, and an estimated opening date: March 1.

••• I’ve reported the closing of Hidden Treasures, the junky store on Warren, before—erroneously!— but now there’s a “for lease” sign in the window.

••• Here’s the dinner menu (PDF) for North End Grill.

••• From Taste of Tribeca, which will be May 19 this year (so mark your calendars!): “Kids from PS234 and PS 150 enjoyed some foody fun at the Taste of Tribeca open house event today. Hosted by Taste of Tribeca restaurant Roc, the kids cooked with chefs from Roc, Mehtaphor and Mrs. Cupcake. Sarabeth’s provided muffins and croissants to keep everyone’s strength up for cooking.” Photo by Jack Berman.


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